'Fro Back Friday

Since Christmas and New Years fell on a Thursday, this 'Fro Back Friday' will have to suffice!

Back in the day I was part of a cool soul band based in Denver, that played the US Midwest, taking us to places such as Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, and the Colorado circuit including Denver, Vail, Aspen, Colorado Springs, and the like.

There were some great players in this band, most of whom have gone on to stellar careers in music, or elsewhere...

Lead singers were Carl Carwell (continued on with Earth Wind and Fire, etc); bassist/ vocalist Ralph Beechum (became a pastor); and Clarence Cage (drummer/singer and entrepreneur). Steve Sykes played guitar and was a budding audio engineer at that time (he went on to dominate the LA session scene on guitar and eventually with his own studio); RT Bolden played tenor sax (and drove half the band to gigs in his purple Cadillac); and Al Campbell, who played keys and lends his voice-over to Who's Gonna Take The Weight.

These tracks were recorded in a little studio in Kansas City when I was right out of high school- that's me on trumpet as you must have guessed.

Check out the latest news on my new music here 

Gabriel's year end chart action

2014 draws to a close, and a lot has happened this year. 

If you are reading this, close your eyes for 2 solid seconds and be GRATEFUL you are here, and can read and interact at all. 

That point was driven home today when a good, longtime friend told me he might have to accept being declared legally blind.... keep that attitude of gratitude, friends!

2015 looks to be a promising year for me in music, but the music biz, especially the selling of music, just continues to atrophy. People can turn YouTube videos into mp3s now, and streaming services aren't paying much if anything, and the Copyright Boards just keep taking more and more away from the artist.

Anyway, I still have a chart presence, and look forward to more success with my new project Open Invitation.

Got some good reviews:

~Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - Open Invitation   4/4

O's Place Jazz Newsletter: Canadian trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach returns on Open Invitation with his proven formula for success: a cadre of talented guest artists, fresh, funky rhythms and at least one soulful vocal track. "Lovelight" spotlights Hasselbach with vocals from Dee & Brittani Cole. Bob Baldwin (p) shines on "Charmed Life"; Bob Mintzer (sax) adds spice on "Let It Slide" and Cory Weeds (sax) stars on "Carte Blanche". These are a few of the highlights in yet another winning set from GMH.

Here is a current review from Germany: http://gabrieljazz.posthaven.com/new-review-from-germany 

I also have some cool chart action going on.... I hit #3 on the Best of 2014 list in Australia http://gabrieljazz.posthaven.com/australias-best-of-2014-at

Out of the gates it was awesome, then Christmas playlists froze...

I made a niche for myself on the main charts this December

and still see my name out there with long lasting projects as a featured guest

I am looking forward to my CD Release Concerts http://gabrieljazz.posthaven.com/gabriels-big-cd-release-concert-event

....and hope you pick up the new disc or download, available here:

Windtunnel Records  http://windtunnelrecords.com

CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gabrielmarkhasselbach3

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/open-invitation/id953798292

Liner notes: http://tinyurl.com/lhd4b4k

Dee Daniels and the VSO

Dee is a powerful, emotive singer and can be heard on several of my recordings as well as her own, including her fantastic recent release Intimate Conversations. Check out her show!

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩

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Australia's Best of 2014 at #3

Every year the fantastically entertaining and deeply musical SOULSCOPE show from Northside Radio in Sydney Australia, publishes a 'Best Of' list for the year. Although late to the game in 2014, I managed to come in at #3!

Thank you to the astute MDs Georgina Reed and Peter March!

Also a big shout out to my featured guest on this track Propulsion, Greg Manning, the Swiss keyboard phenom! Check out is body of work, he's got it going on! Lew Laing Jr provided the launch pad for this track, and he can be found on Soundcloud.

Here is a recent review of the album Open Invitation, of which Propulsion is the first single! http://gabrieljazz.posthaven.com/new-review-from-germany

If you are in Vancouver area, don't miss the cd release concert! http://gabrieljazz.posthaven.com/gabriels-big-cd-release-concert-event

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩
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Gabriel's upcoming shows updated Dec 27

Hi there,

Just a quick reminder of some fast approaching shows coming up! Some are solo and some are full band, but I try to keep the entertainment value and musical content consistent....

I'm at Ten Ten Tapas tonight, where I'll be performing. There are some very special guests, including chanteuse Linda Szentes and horn player extraordinaire Garth Balint. We always have fun with great food, friends, and music!

Tomorrow, Sunday afternoon I am at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam in the Unlisted Lounge from 11:30-2:30

New Years's Eve I am also at Ten Ten Tapas, and I will have quite a number of guest performers with me including Rob Weaver on keys and vocals, soul star Billy Dixon, and powerhouse Lisa Fennell both singing throughout the night. Glenn Riley may join us if his schedule permits! Food is AWESOME!

There are two seatings... the early one is designed for those with a second party to go to....and the second one is designed for the midnight revelers! Call for rezzies or to discuss options or group discounts for the early seating 604-689-7800.

Then on Jan 10 and Jan 11  I have my official cd release party for Open Invitation (check out the latest review: http://gabrieljazz.posthaven.com/new-review-from-germany) and concert performances. Although the the official drop date is Jan 10, I was steered into a prerelease on Open Invitation, and have already sold over 400 units! For details, check out this link: http://gabrieljazz.posthaven.com/gabriels-big-cd-release-concert-event. Don't miss this!

In the new year, you can usually find me at Ten Ten on Saturdays, and the Hard Rock three days a month, so check listings....
Be sure to get the new cd at iTunes, CD Baby, or  Windtunnelrecords.com, it is my best work yeat and features many top-name guest artists!


New review from Germany-

I received a nice Christmas present today, a new cd review from Germany's well known audiophile Hans-Bernd Hülsmann. He writes for Smooth Jazz Daily at  http://smoothjazzdaily.wordpress.com

It mentions most of the guest artists and there's a memorable quote at the end of it to boot....

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩
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Gabriel's big cd release concert event

Two delicious flavors of the same show...

Both shows will debut new material from OPEN INVITATION and include full 5 piece band with Tilden Webb, Adam Rohrlick, Don Powrie, and Laurence Mollerup. You must get tix in advance, info on the poster below...

Jan 10 will be a tight packed Jazz Club style show at Ten Ten Tapas, with great food as part of the show. $20 ticket gets you admission to an exciting jazz club experience, with a plethora of fans and friends.... rezzies required at 604-689-7800. Expect standing room only and a loud and proud five piece band playing new and older material.

Jan 11 is worth the drive to White Rock for this full scale concert stage experience at the amazing Blue Frog. We will record and film it, and it will be worth the effort to attend! Tix are $35, but the production value certainly warrants it! Click link to buy.

If you can't make the show it will be a darn shame! 


Please post and tell all your friends they can get
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's new release
 at www.windtunnelrecords.com (physical or digital - incl. booklet)
Coupon code: WFSK for 20% discount only until official drop date of Jan 11, 
or at CDBaby.com and iTunes.com.  

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩
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Wow! So much amazing music happening!!!


My new disc Open Invitation has its official drop date Jan 10 and 11. We are going to rock your world with tunes from the new album and some classics of mine that made the Billboard charts!

Both nights feature me with my full band: Tilden Webb (keys), Don Powrie (drums), Laurence Mollerup (bass), and Adam Rohrlick (guitar- Adam has some memorable feature spots on the recording).

Jan 10 is an intimate affair at Ten Ten Tapas, with limited seating, where I regularly 'Rock The Ribjoint'. Full band!!!
Jan 11 is a full blown, concert stage performance, audio/video extravaganza in White Rock at the renowned Blue Frog performance studio. Full band on a concert stage!! Get tix here: http://www.bluefrogstudios.ca/newshows.html#gmh

If you want to sample the new cd, or want an advance copy, click and enter the coupon code WFSK at checkout for a 20% discount on downloads or physical cd: http://myiesstore.com/gabrieljazz/

OK, back to the Present!! 

Friday Dec 12  I am honoured to be part of the Amanda Wood 'Celebrate The Love' Christmas Special at the Kay Meek Theatre in North Van. Last year's show was topshelf, and this year, the only thing that changes is that proceeds go toward the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation... a worthwhile cause 'close to home'...  

Saturday Dec 13  I settle in for a blustery (yet jazzy) eve in a warm and inviting environment at Ten Ten Tapas http://www.tententapas.com. Rezzies are already nearing max, so call 604-689-7800 to make yours. Free parking- just ask when you book. I will also be there Dec 20th and 27th... we gotta party right through the holidays!

That brings us to New Years Eve!

I started at Ten Ten Tapas over a year ago, and we had a boffo New Years last year! The place was packed and the food was excellent! Since then, master chef Matt Phillips has taken the helm and created such an amazing menu- actually an AWARD WINNING menu. He has some great plans for New Years Eve, and I am bringing in other musical guest artists, such as pianist and vocalist Rob Weaver; powerhouse chanteuse Lisa Fennell; and the Soulman himself Billy Dixon.  

We start jazzy while you dine, then party hearty on into the night.... with funky stuff, R&B, and the Classics! An earlier seating is available in case you have later plans....Rezzies are a must, so call 604-689-7800 to make yours- come and see why everyone is talking about Ten Ten Tapas!