Success of a local music scene

Reprinted from a FB post by Jeremy Monteiro

The key thing in the success of a local music scene is the support of musicians of each other and the support of music fans for local bands.

And here is one big secret in creating a local music scene. YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOVE EACH OTHER'S MUSIC. But if you respect the hard work and dedication of your fellow musicians, lend a hand and support each other.

It doesn't matter if you are famous or just starting out. Go to each others' gigs, suspend judgement or the need to make comparisons. If you are already well on your way, no matter what level the musicians or band, at some point in your journey, you were at that very same level....and you needed the support and encouragement of other musicians and music fans. And they obviously gave it to you or you would not have continued on your journey and be where you are now.

And if you are just starting out, go out to support the established musicians.We too need your support and encouragement....and when we see you support us, we are touched and we will remember you when we can do something to help you move ahead.

New artists and musicians struggle and suffer. Unless you are Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake or in the top 3% of acts, even established musicians struggle even if we don't actually suffer.

And....older musicians, if they were not careful with their money management, can also reach a point in their old age where they suffer and struggle again. Some are legends and I personally know one who died alone in an old aged home in LA after an illustrious career as a great drummer.

As music fans and even radio station programmers, the easy way is just to play what's on the charts, to follow the herd.

But right here, right now in your own home town, there are people who work hard, who are dedicated, some are well-known some are starting out some are mid career, some are in their old age still making great music. We need each other....because the alternative is a depressing cultural desert.

If we call ourselves music lovers, then just make it a point, whether you love or only like or don't really like....just go sometimes, support local musicians, buy a drink or two or pay a door charge to get in, buy an album or a track (legally)....a little bit of support by everyone from every part of society can help lift music and musicians in Singapore.

Don't compare the local artist with a Grammy Award winning artist. You can show your love to both and the fruits of your support and love will allow the Singapore music scene or your own local music scene to flourish, maybe we will see it in our lifetime.

(Thank you George J Choty for sharing that poster that inspired this post)

Some video of performances with myself, Jeremy Monteiro (keys), Christy Smith (bass), Jordan Rivers (guitar), and Eric Hargrove (drums)

Don't miss today's Music Cruise

Don't miss today's Boat Cruise, the weather will be perfectly warm but non- blazing!
There are two floors of entertainment and a plethora of talent on board the Queen of Diamonds, boarding at 1 pm, sailing 2-6 pm. Afterwards the party carries on at the cool patio nitespot Ten Ten Tapas @ 1010 Beach Ave, where most band and cruise guests will party on, drink and nosh on tasty menu items from Chef Matty. If you can't make the cruise, meet us at Ten Ten around 7! Guest musicians welcome!

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩

Van Heusen: Swingin' With Frank and Bing

Don't miss this KCTS 9 (PBS) biopic this Monday Aug 11 at 9 pm and Aug 16 at 5 pm. 

Jimmy Van Heusen wrote over 600 songs, many classics, for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Dorsey,  Judy Garland, etc. He was also a pilot and an honorary member of the Rat Pack....

A fascination character study!

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩

Sunday jazz brunch today: Dockside

Hi Everyone!

Just wound up a beautiful day at an outdoor show here on Bainbridge Island at the Clearwater Casino. I have to get up very early to catch a 7 am ferry back to Seattle followed by the usual long drive to (hopefully) arrive back in Vancouver by 11 am!

If you haven't done so already, please come on down for brunch at Granville Island Dockside Restaurant today and enjoy the fine weather! 

I'm there 11:30-2:30. Rezzies are recommended and ask if I am playing when you call- it helps further the cause, y'know!?

Should be fun....returning three years after a three year run there!

PS the food is pretty yummy... Hope to see you..... Details here

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩

Great jazz gigs this weekend

We are at the apex of this amazing summer and the music is flowing! I have been working on my new album, doing e-sessions with my L.A. co-producer extraordinaire Lew Laing, which is due in October. It is so nice to get out to enjoy the awesome weather after being cooped up in the studio as of late.... 

It is a very full weekend for me, with some really fun and jazzy events that I want to share with you!

This Friday at noon, I have my full band performing an outdoor show downtown, at the Bentall Summer Concert Series (lower plaza @ 1055 Dunsmuir). I have a powerful set of originals lined up, including my last 4 Billboard hits. With me will be guitarist Adam Rohrlick, drummer Don Powrie, keyboardist Jason Decouto, and bassist Kerry Galloway. This is the configuration we had at our awesome Fanclub gig a few months back. The plaza is an energized place, with a classy foodcourt nearby, so drop in for a truly enjoyable 90 minute lunch...

Friday evening at 9:30 I am performing at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam in the Unlisted Room. It is a cool vibe, with a tasty menu, and a fun hang! Come see Phoenix Rising in the Asylum as well, drop some dough at the slots, and make a night of it....

Typically on Saturdays I am at Ten Ten Tapas, where we really get the energy going in the whole room....
.... but this Saturday I will be at the Clearwater Casino in Washington, while the fantastic L J Mounteney holds court at Ten Ten Tapas (right on the seawall at 1010 Beach Ave). She has a punchy new show she is doing.... again, make rezzies!

And something special for this Sunday Aug 10! As many of you know, I had a steady (3 year) Sunday Brunch gig at the Dockside Restaurant on Granville Island. We had a lot of fun there, with on air promotions and live telecasts with CLEAR FM on site - back when they played smooth jazz.... (times change, sigh)...

ANYWAY, I'm back there this Sunday for an auspicious return to the legendary Sunday Brunch! I start at 11:30 and go till 2:30, so slide on in and enjoy the beautiful seaside locale! Rezzies recommended...

Monday night I am taking it easy and going to the Anza Club to see Top City at 7:30!

See you this weekend...

Oh BTW, we had a real fun music party on BC Day!

Gabriel Jazz and Fireworks this weekend

This weekend is something special!

Friday I am out in Steveston for the revered Cannery Music Series, right at the Cannery site in the heart of Steveston...

It is an early show at  6:30, come and enjoy the music and the whole scene! 
Have dinner and walk the seawall pr nuy a salmon! 
Joining me will be ace guitarist Adam Rohrlick...

From the Richmond News:

Then it is Fireworks Night downtown on Saturday- I'll be at Ten Ten Tapas , right on the seawall near the Aquatic Centre. I start at 7 pm and stop at 10, so we can walk onto the seawall and watch the fireworks from 200 yards away! Better make a rezzie @ 

Come join me!

Upcoming Gabriel gigs and cruise

Hi Everyone!

Here are some free performances you might enjoy...

I am at the Hard Rock Casino Unlisted Lounge (the old Boulevard/Red Robinson) at 9:30 this and every Friday, and the last Sunday of each month. C'mon down, it's pretty snazzy there!

I am also at Ten Ten Tapas this and every Saturday eve at 7:30 (including fireworks night)Ten Ten has stopped live music for brunch, but on...

Aug 10  I will be at the Dockside on Granville Island  for an 11:30 start for their jazz brunch. The return to the Dockside- I played the brunch there for three years!

Aug 1   I am performing at The Cannery Concert Series, outdoors in the heart of Steveston, on the old Cannery site, starting at 6:30. Adam Rohrlick will be special guest.

Aug 8   I will be at the Bentall Summer Concert Series for a 90 min show starting at noon. It is on the Dunsmuir side, just below Tower 4, on the lower plaza...this is full band.

You can also hear me with Billy Dixon and Soultrain Express on Aug 13 at the above Bentall location, and Aug 17 on his fun-filled R&B Boat Cruise. Tix contact

Hope to see you soon!

PS Watch for my new album in October, itsa gonna bea smasharooni...

ciao 4 niao,

♬♩ Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩



Winnipeg show today

Great weather for an awesome show today, with myself, Rob Tardik, and Walle Larsson at the Lyric outdoor stage!

Be sure to check out my Facebook Store for my hard to find CDs and downloads....

This weekend in music

It has proven to be a sum-sum-summery month, perfect for any kind of fun, except maybe .... curling.
I will be at my now regular Friday gig at the swank new Hard Rock Casino starting at 9:30 and I have lots of great new tunes to funkify and jazzify you in the UNLISTED LOUNGE. The food is good too. Come and try out a new pastime, at what used to be the Boulevard Red Robinson Casino.

I won't be at Ten Ten Tapas as per usual this Saturday- filling in will be soulman Riley Inge. Check him out.

Sunday I am performing with my award winning guitar buddy Rob Tardik in Winnipeg on the fabulous and iconic Lyric Theatre outdoor stage. It will be a great festival and saxist Walle Larsson will also perform. The weather looks good for an outdoor show, so put out the word.

Back to Hard Rock and Ten Ten Tapas the following week... Come enjoy!