Returning to Vancouver-upcoming events and tour pix

Yesterday April 30, was International Jazz Day... I think that is a great cause to promote and to name a day after! I tried to get this posted yesterday to coincide, but ..... 

Well, I am fast approaching YVR!

After almost a month on a performance tour that has taken me to The French Quarter Fest in New Orleans, Ft Lauderdale, Bahamas, Orlando, Phoenix and Las Vegas, I guess it is time to come back home! sounds like Sylvia and I missed the dreary days Vancouver had to offer, and I guess you could say our solar batteries are well charged.

This weekend will be very busy! It is a welcome home party of sorts for me all day, and I want you all to come out and be a part of it. The plane lands at YVR this Saturday May 3, at around 2 pm, and I will race home for a spritz and to pick up my valve trombone and some gear. I will load up the car and head down to Lux Lounge (1180 Howe) to perform with the iconic Billy Dixon and his Soultrain Express at 4 pm. The band is smokin', and Billy gives his classic repertoire a new spin and a real workout! 

At 7pm I hightail it out of there, down Howe St a couple of blocks and around the corner to Ten Ten Tapas at (1010 Beach Ave, on the seawalk), where I will restart my steady Saturday evening shows 7:30-10:30. After the tabs are paid the Lux Lounge crowd all heads over for dinner, and to carry on the good times at Ten Ten, where a slew of guests artists will join in on the fun. Singers and instrumentalists all get in on the act, and we (that would be you, too!) get to experience the trifecta of food, music, and location that Ten Ten has finally nailed.

But wait!

The Sunday Jazz brunches I started there at Ten Ten Tapas in December are back by popular demand, and the next day, Sunday May 4, I bring a different spin from the Saturday party vibe and get into classic, Sunday morning mellow 'brunch jazz', perfect accompaniment to a gorgeous view and the newly crafted brunch menu. Matthew, the new head chef, has created a wonderful eating experience at Ten Ten that is low on price but high on succulence! I play 11:30-2:00 and reservations are recommended (604) 689-7800.

MOTHER'S DAY is the following Sunday, May 11, so don't forget to make THIS your destination and do right by Mom. Special treats are in store..... 

I didn't get much good video of my shows on this trip, but below are a few recent ones from my Vegas shows last week. Keep checking back to this page and I will flesh it out with the NOLA and Florida videos as I can gather and edit content from the various cities on our journey.

Sylvia took lots of pix with her Nikon, and got a polarizer and wide angle lens while there. Here is a page flipper of New Orleans images, in no particular order, so have a browse. Other cities to be added soon...

No.1 on Billboard with Bob Baldwin- and tour details

Hey, I guess this constitutes my first Number 1, with Seabreeze, as a 'hitchhiker' on Bob Baldwin's steamrolling career!

My track Ready When You Are is still on Billboard, but sitting down at #29 

I am off to off to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Florida, Bahamas, and Phoenix, and will return for an awesome pair of gigs on Saturday, May 3.

First I will guest with Billy Dixon's Soul Train Express from 4- 7 pm at Luxe Lounge in Vancouver, at 1180 Howe Street. Then my big party starts at Ten Ten Tapas (1010 Beach Ave on the Seawalk), where I will play from 7:30-10:30. This last month we have been packed there on Saturdays, and have such a great party vibe with lots of special guests. I start out a bit jazzy, get a lot funky, and the whole crew joins in with Jazz and R&B. Make that your special destination- what a great hang!

I have some new videos as well... enjoy!

Funk In Deepfreeze

Ready When You Are (currently on Billboard)


Lock It Up

Come Back Home (Song for the Soldiers) 

Lyteness (fan video)

Double Hitter on the Billboard Charts!

This week I moved up Billboard to #29 with Ready When You Are, and also up to #5 as featured soloist on Bob Baldwin's Seabreeze.

Hoping for some sustainable momentum!

I am off to perform dates in April, and will be playing the New Orleans French Quarter Fest, then over to a Ft Lauderdale, then for a Bahama jazz cruise, then  to Orlando for a Jazz Tastings guest spot with JT Quartet, then on to Phoenix, then Las Vegas for the City of Lights Jazz, Rhythm & Blues Festival as a guest performing with the fabulous Nick Colionne. A bit later in the summer I'll will be at the Jazz On Blue Mountain Fest in Ontario, then as part of the Canadian Brass and Steel Show (Rob Tardik-guitar, Walle Larsson-saxes, and GMH-trumpet, flugelhorn, flute) at the Lyric Theatre in Winnipeg.

For more info: 
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DOWNLOAD BROADCAST FIDELITY MP3 of READY WHEN YOU ARE  (when player pops up, right click and 'save'.

Performance dates -take note!

Hi Everyone,

I am preparing to hit the road soon, and my cool ongoing gig at Ten Ten Tapas  will go on hiatus, or may even end, so I hope to see you there soon! Much appreciation goes out to the core audience who have become regulars and who make this such a great, musical, tasty hang!

I will be there this Thursday, March 6 @ 7 pm with the fleet fingered Adam Rohrlick on guitar. No cover. My usual 11:30 am Sunday Jazz Brunch has been preempted March 9 for electrical upgrades to the building, but I will be back every Thursday and Sunday until I hit the road- right up to and including April 6. Make sure you come and support this fledgling jazz venue that is really offering a service to the city with awesome food, music, and view! The patio will be open soon as well, so make this your second home....

I have moved up two notches on the Billboard charts this week, and I am featured on Bob Baldwin's Seabreeze track, which moved to number 5 on Billboard. He has another track that I am featured on just entering the charts, and Rob Tardik has released a single called Return To Me which ALSO features yours truly.

This spring and summer should be pretty exciting with some widespread performance dates coming up.

This April I will be playing the New Orleans French Quarter Fest, then over to the east coast for a Bahama jazz cruise and another Florida club date, then on to Phoenix and then Las Vegas for the City of Lights Jazz, Rhythm & Blues Festival where I will be performing with the fabulous guitar whiz Nick Colionne.  A bit later in the summer I will be performing at the Jazz On Blue Mountain Fest in Ontario (July 4-5), then as part of the Canadian Brass Attack Show (Rob Tardik-guitar, Walle Larsson-saxes, and GMH-trumpet, flugelhorn, flute) at the Assiniboine Outdoor Festival in Winnipeg (July 20).

A little known fact: the trumpeter cartoons used in the Ten Ten ads are from my Swingin' Affair album which features Dee Daniels and Nancy Ruth.

Back on Billboard Charts!

Ready When You Are must have made a positive statement to Music Directors and Listeners, because it has entered the Billboard charts! The video is is pretty sweet, too!

After percolating for a few weeks as a most added track, RWYA enters the charts and starts that climb up the mountain. This is my fourth Billboard charting track..... 

I am getting pretty good exposure right now, as I am also featured on Bob Baldwin's Seabreeze track, at #11.

Always find complete physical product and downloads at  as well as iTunes.

Lots of great shows ahead this spring and summer, be on the lookout! 

Saturday Feb 15 - afternoon performance choices

This Saturday afternoon will be chock full of music events... pick one and enjoy.

First, I will be performing a free concert with the Urbana Big Band at the Vancouver Public Library in the Alice McKay Theatre downstairs at 3 pm.

This is an exciting 18 pc (!) band and I get quite a few featured solo spots.

Rather than play for the old-timer dancers, this band plays for the actual lovers of the great lexicon of big band music that made musical history- classics from the most respected purveyors of big band jazz.  Check it out!


Also, the legendary Billy Dixon has returned with his Soul Train Express and is performing at The Lux Lounge at 1180 Howe St, 4-7 pm.  R&B at its finest Check it out:


Well know Vancouver artist Raymond Chow is also a fine pianist- I even produced one of his CDs! His style is eclectic and smooth. He will be performing at a public event noon - 4 pm at a new warehouse space at 250 Smythe. 


In the evening at 7 pm, Luis Giraldo will be on jazzy piano and vocals at Vancouver's newest jazz spot, Ten Ten Tapas, at 1010 Beach Ave, on the Seawalk, just east of the Aquatic Centre.

Rockin' the Ribjoint Thursday Feb 13

Come see what the jazz cognoscenti in Vancouver are buzzing about!

This Thursday at 7 pm, Ten Ten Tapas will feature Gabriel Mark Hasselbach with his funky and smooth brand of trumpet, flugelhorn, and flute.....

Special guests include the fleet-fingered Adam Rohrlick on guitar and LJ Mounteney rocking the mic. Others will surely join the fray, as sit-ins are welcome. Come and play and they'll buy you a beer, plus there is 15% off for VMA members.... great ribs, bevies, and vibe!

Beat the Valentine's crush, and celebrate a day early! Ten Ten is easy to find, right on the seawall near the Aquatic Centre at 1000 Beach Ave.

Hear songs from Gabriel's latest album including his latest charting single 'Ready When You Are'

Ready When You Are: Most Added for February 10, 2014

 A few more spins this week and I'm onto the Billboard charts again!

February 10, 2014
ANDREW NEU Night Of The Mojito (CGN) 6/5&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
ED STONE The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (Sapphire) 5/5&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
PHIL DENNY Crossover (Not Listed) 4/8&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
NATHAN EAST Daft Funk (Yamaha) 3/13&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
MICHAEL LINGTON Soul Appeal (Michael Lington) 3/10&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
LIRA Feel Good (Shanachie) 3/2&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
CHRIS STANDRING Sneakin' Out The Front Door (Ultimate Vibe) 2/12&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
GABRIEL MARK HASSELBACH Ready When You Are (Wind Tunnel) 2/10&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
D. EDWARD The Passage (Chungo Boogie) 2/2&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
Issue date February 22, 2014. "BDSRadio Most Added This Week" is a list of all songs with two or more new adds either reported by each station or by automatic add thresholds from BDSRadio's exclusive panel of reporters. On holiday weeks fewer stations may report and/or add new music. Copyright © 2014 The Nielsen Company, 770 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10003. 

Named #6 Top Played Jazz Artist in Australia 2011 & Album of the Year winner 2011
KISSED BY THE SUN -2 singles hit Billboard charts- - 3rd single now out  'Ready When You Are'!
Download 'Ready When You Are' here
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Do you know the name Nikki Yanofsky?

I was updating my bio and I saw Nikki Yanofsky's name there in my list of past collaborations, and it occurred to me that I had not heard from her in a while. She is an extremely talented young gal in her early teens that made her name (at 15) singing in a big band style with a strong nod to Ella Fitzgerald. Man, she is good, and boy can she scat!!!

I had the chance to play with her for a few concerts including the Vancouver International Jazz Fest a couple years ago, and she was quite the hit. Her new album was being produced by Phil Ramone, but I believe his untimely death sidetracked that.

She was faced with a dilemma- she was tremendously skilled in a music style that was already 60 years old. What's a girl to do to remain relevant and not get pigeonholed? 

Nikki is managed by her parents, and they seem to be pretty sweet and well grounded, so in her best interest, her schooling was not neglected and a new musical game plan was devised.

I am not privvy to the inner workings of her life but was pleasantly surprised to see her new video. She pays homage to her mentor Q, and has started down a fun musical path recently mined by artists such as Duffy, Jully Black, and Amy Winehouse. She does get some scatting in, so I am sure she has a real bright future ahead with her new direction......

The band (left to right): Stephen Maxwell (guitar), Aubrey Logan (trombone), Andy Kautz (saxophone), Will Wells (piano), Herbie Hancock (jazz legend), Nikki Yanofsky (vocals and songs), Harry the poodle, Quincy Jones (executive producer), Evan Coniglio (bass), Niv Toar (trumpet) and Al Cleveland III (drums)

 Nikki and Gabe preshow in Vancouver

Some insight into the Olympics

Here is another (mostly) non musical post, but thought I would share this in light of the current Olympics : Soczi explained in the Polish language.

Hopefully you can view this pps file. Although descriptors are in Polish, the visuals will remind you what a global village we live in.

Sometimes clichés pervade our idea of the world, so you may be very surprised when you see the images of this small city in Russia.

For musical content, I am supplying some info on Jazz in Russia, again, we are so far removed.....

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!