Making some chart action again

Just a quick update...
I am featured on the hot new CD from Bob Baldwin '20', and he is starting to hit big! A snippet of the track and image from the Oct 17 BDS chart (the portal to the Billboard charts). 

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Bob and I first collaborated at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards and are planning on some more recording for my next project, as well as tour dates in 2014, We will both be at the Lemonade Weekend 2.0 festival and awards in LA March 27-29...

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I also had the good fortune this year to be on Paul Hardcastle's first #1 charting single from his latest PHVII

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  

As the Tea Party hostage negotiations rage on, we must reflect.....

Time once again to stand up and be counted, life is too short to watch someone else commit economic and political terrorism in the US. If you see the light, please share this!

The Institute of Policy Standards produced a detailed report entitled "Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean" which exposes the hidden Conservative agenda when it comes to their push for Territorial Tax Reform. Territorial Tax Reform is a trifecta of greed that aims to: 
1. Lower corporate tax rates which are already low (reducing flow of money into the US tax base; 
2. Make offshore tax havens standard for select corporations (reducing flow of money into the US tax base); 
3. Create austerity measures that will not promote jobs, health care, infrastructure, or the consumer confidence and flowing economy that comes with consumer confidence. 

Here is a good synopsis (with source links) of the smoke and mirrors game being played by the Power Right, taken from The Huffington Post

"A new study by three researchers at the University of Massachusetts found major arithmetic errors in the widely cited paper by Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff, "Growth in a Time of Debt," that purports to show high levels of government debt sharply slow growth. This study has been widely cited by political figures demanding deficit reduction, in spite of the fact that the unemployment rate remains high and interest rates are at extraordinarily low levels.
When the errors in the Reinhart and Rogoff study are corrected, the strong relationship between high debt levels and slower growth disappears. In other words, there is little obvious reason that we need fear higher debt levels. We can have the government make investments in infrastructure and education that will boost growth, create jobs, and increase future productivity...... A country such as the United States borrows in its own currency so it literally can never go bankrupt as long as it knows how to print dollar bills. And, unlike an individual, the government has the obligation to support the economy when private sector demand collapses as it did after the housing bubble burst....... For those who own lots of stock and are at the top of the income ladder, times are good. These people may see efforts to lower unemployment as posing a risk. With lower unemployment workers may be able to get a larger share of productivity growth. This may be good for most of the country and mean increased economic growth, but it would mean less for the one percent." 

Googling this subject might overload your browser, attesting to the implications this has, but here are a few succinct and notable sites to view:

This agenda is all a Right Wing concoction designed to further cushion the already overluxed 1%, and is pushed by that Good Ol' Boy GOP mentality, brandished proudly by Conservative stalwarts such as Alan SimpsonErskine Bowles, and a cadre of huge corporations such as GE, Honeywell, etc, etc...

Bad ju-ju!

I try to keep politics out of music, but what the hell?! 
US Conservatives, take a look at your 'leaders' and tell me they are not totally and undeniably insane! 


BREAKING: The latest House GOP plan could keep the government closed until November 22! The Tea Party is running ahead full steam with their reckless scheme. Let's stand up, fight back, and stop the #GOPShutdown.
Donate to the Shutdown Rapid Response Fund now.


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How Matt Damon Supports The RIGHT Way Philosophy

I try to stay out of politics, chicken little rants, and random causes (at least in this blog). But occasionally I will run with something of interest to me. It is rather important to be a doer, not just a watcher, and even if it seems pointless sometimes, we all have a duty to speak up and refuse to ' not get involved'. Other's problems are one step away from our own, and are often just waiting in the bushes for us.

That being said, my friend Mark Schillinger, a life coach/ health practitioner I know well, posted his newsletter, and had a link to a Matt Damon video statement that rang true with me. Being from the arts community, and having had an 'attentive' set of teachers in my younger years, I can truly relate to his point. He is advocating for smaller classes, personalized classroom attention, and the abolition of standardized testing (unfairly tied to job security)... testing which doesn't even begin to include the most highly prized and specialized skills-in-training that students may harbor, and which need nurturing. From Dr. Mark's post:

Some of you are aware that I counsel patients privately in life coaching sessions using a method I created, called The RIGHT Way. RIGHT stands for five virtues (Respect, Intelligence, Grace, Humor, True) that I use to help people discover who they are (their virtues and values) and how to transform their unique perspective into a lifestyle filled with positive beliefs and productive behaviors.

I created this method after three decades studying comparative religion, Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. I realized that there was no one right way to become physically healthy, mentally clear or spiritually enlightened. At the same time I understood that if I wanted to be truly happy, I would have to find a way that was right for me. As part of that process, I dedicated myself to studying how to help others find a way that was right for them.

The reason why I mention Matt Damon is because there's a video of him talking about this concept.


Dr. Mark

Visit the website

Some of my music debuts today at the Toronto Int'l Film Festival (TIFF)

I recently made some musical contributions to the new Daniel Radcliffe film 'Horns', which debuts at the TIFF today. 

It is not a big feature but I have my foot in the door thanks to Devin Powers, a film and TV composer I started working with this past year.

The credits will read:

Performed by Devin Powers, Dorian Charnis & Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, Courtesy of Powers Music Company

Devin is very talented and successful in TV and Film music, and I have hitched my wagon to his star in this field, and have already begun doing a variety of projects with him. He has a compositional/ performance spot for me on his upcoming TV drama entitled Kings of Pittsburgh, which will start production soon.

It seems like the creative (jazz) spirit has a parallel universe in the film and TV world... just ask boffo composer/trumpeters Jeff Beal and Mark Isham (get out google and wiki). 

Many thanks to Devin for his leg up!


Grown-up Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe turns into a devilish murder suspect in Horns part of TIFFs Vanguard program

Grown-up Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe turns into a devilish murder suspect in Horns, part of TIFF's Vanguard program.

By: Peter Howell Movie Critic 

A devilish Daniel Radcliffe and other possessed beings are featured amongst new movies announced Tuesday for theToronto International Film Festival, which runs Sept. 5 to 15.

The ex-Harry Potter actor stars in Horns, Alexandre Aja’s screen adaptation of Joe Hill’s best-selling supernatural thriller about a man who suddenly finds himself sporting devil’s horns and embroiled in a murder mystery.

The film will have its world premiere in TIFF’s Vanguard program, the convention-defying arthouse twin of the genre-celebrating Midnight Madness section, both of which are programmed by festival cryptmaster Colin Geddes.

Onward and upward!!

Live video from Kuala Lumpur Jazz Fest

I was going through some performance videos and realized that this show from the Kuala Lumpur Jazz Fest Launch never made it out there!

It was a great experience to perform with Singapore's very top keyboardist, Jeremy Monteiro, and Jordan Rivers on guitar, Christy Smith on bass, and Erik Hargrove on drums..... with video by Sylvia Ronahan and audio by Sunil Kumar.


Had a great show at Spaghettini

Just getting back off the road and organizing some posts...

What a wonderful time we had at Spaghettini- it is truly the smooth jazz mecca in the LA area!

Many thanks to my band: Nathan Scott (drums), Ernie Nunez (bass), Stephen Lexner (guitar), Dave Iwitaki (keys), Jason Webber (saxes), Tony Drake (guest guitar), Lisa Gay (guest vocals). And we can't forget the awesome audio from 'Q'!

The cool new album from Bob Baldwin!

Bob Baldwin is a seasoned keyboard artist, producer and songsmith, who has hit the big Two-Oh, as far as album releases go anyway...

This one is a doozy, and Bob's stuff just gets deeper and deeper!

I have had the good fortune to be part of it, and Bob and I have some tunes in the can for MY next project as well! 

Check out his new release, it is a hot seller, available from iTunes, Amazon, CD Universe, and more...


ciao 4 niao,

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩