The bright stars begin to fade....

When musicians / performers start out, it is such a thrill to get that fan base aligned, and they come from a place of gratitude.

But when they get big, they think they're 'all that' and start treating fans like doormats, with needlessly late shows and general B.S. Here is some abusive crap from Rihanna on a recent show. WTF?

Count your blessings musicians! Keep it humble and in gratitude.

Spectacle vs Substance

At one time personal and intrinsic skills were highly valued and in demand. Once, 'handmade' was a positive term...

In industry, those higher values have been relegated to cheap knockoffs, sweatshops, high profit margins, and the use of machines to mass 'emulate' artisan skills.....

In the movie industry, thoughtful and arguably important 'small' productions are usually trampled by tentpole blockbusters valued by the number of explosions, blood spills, and sex scenes. Exceptional writing, acting and cinematography are often overshadowed by a billion anonymous keystrokes in a cgi lab.

In the music world or any of the arts fields, hard earned and impassioned personal skills seem to only gain wide public attention if wrapped in a swath of hoopla, fireworks, light shows, hit producers, or in a bevy of hot dancers. The truest artistry is often lost or under exposed to the point of extinction, mostly because appreciation skills are never taught and because the 'bottom line' has become the deciding factor in which skillful nuance will live to see the light of day (read: can be mass marketed).

As much as artists and supporters hope against hope that society will save the day, it's not much to hang one's hat on.

Only a groundswell of proactive believers with a true sense of value could ever possibly turn this around......

Are you one?

Working the US this summer - tour schedule

So I am down in Phoenix hanging out, writing, recording, and prepping for my upcoming gigs. Some of my good musician friends are here, like Andrew McQueen, Marion Meadows, and Cal Harris Jr.. My new acquaintance, crack producer Michael Broening resides here as well.... most residents get out of state in this 42C/112F weather, but we have a pool and it is a nice break from a rainy winter.

I have a few small gigs around here, then a cool concert at the Old Pueblo Grill in Tucson on June 30, featuring drummer extraordinaire Peter Swan. Cool venue and appreciative crowd. I've played there before, and it only gets better. Last year I played Tucson at Loews Ventana for a concert co-headlining with Jeff Lorber, and although big fun, the Old Grille experience has a cool packed club vibe rather than a soft seater concert feel.

~60 N Alvernon Way  Tucson, AZ 85711 (520) 326-6000

Sylvia and I will take a road trip from Phoenix to Seal Beach (just down the Coast Hwy from LA) for a night at Spaghettini, the west coast's premier contemporary jazz spot. That show is July 14, and  should be a blowout night.

~3005 Old Ranch Pkwy  Seal Beach, CA 90740
(562) 596-2199
Calendar - ‎Menus - ‎Reservations

August 8   I am doing the Concerts In The Park outdoor show in Vancouver at 666 Burrard. 11:30-1:30

Aug 9  I will be performing at Valleybrook Gardens for a MEDA $1000 a plate charity event (tickets 1 800 824 1120)

Shortly after, I head off to Detroit/Dearborn for a festival on Aug 14 with Alexander Zonjic, and then I catch a red-eye and am back in Vancouver for an outdoor show the very next day...

Aug 15 Metrotower Summer Concerts  11:30 -1:30   4200 Central Blvd (back of Kingsway), Burnaby, BC 

Aug 16  Bentall Music on the Plaza Series  12-1:30   1055 Dunsmuir, Vancouver, BC

I am waiting on confirmation of a gig in Denver for late August, so stay tuned......

Still moving up the charts!

My total terrestrial radio spins are up by 11, and that's good, considering there have been precious few gigs to generate buzz.

I have events coming up soon, which will be added to the site listings, but for now I am happy to be back on the upswing! Top 50 Main, up to #24 from #27

Indie Charts holding at #11

GrooveJazz Charts at #20 up from #31, and at #89 on the Top 100 for 2012 (same page)

RadioWave worldWide Internet charts at #18

I'm still riding Billboard charts at #24 , but strong new entries are starting to edge me out!

Right now I am working on tracks for Bob Baldwin's upcoming CD, and also on saxist Rock Hendrick's new solo project. Rock is the main man on Paul Hardcastle's top current release, and I am featured on a few tracks....

For some sweet weekend fun, check out this young lady on the trumpet.... sweet and in the pocket!

By the way, did you know last Thursday would have been Ella Fitzgerald's 96th Birthday!



April 12, 2013 updates and chart action for Gabriel's Lock It Up

Hi folks .... I guess I am again relegated to blowing my own horn! (if that is a pun, it is so apropos).

The newest 'Smooth Jazz Mecca' is featuring me this month, check it out.
New video has surfaced of a wild jazz cruise I played with Bob James, Tom Scott, Nathan East, Robben Ford, Sergio Bellotti, and some other cool musos... check out my Windtunnelmultimedia youtube channel...

Here I am at JAZZ ALLEY in Nov. for a two day webcast.....


Lock It Up moves up ten slots on the GrooveJazz charts to #24 (I'm also featured on Paul Hardcastle's #2)

Inline image 3 

Lock It Up moves up one slot on the internet charts to #13

Inline image 1

Lock It Up moves up one slot on the Indie charts to #10

Inline image 4

Lock It Up moves up one slot on the USA Today charts to #15

Inline image 1

Lock It Up still hanging in on Billboard, but down one slot to #17

Thanks for your support and open ears...

Gabriel moving up the charts, week of April 8-2013

Lock It Up moves up the Internet charts @ #14 and added at and XM/Sirius Watercolors 

Lock It Up moves up the Indie Charts to #10


Lock It Up rides the BDS National charts at #16

Lock It Up moves up the Main Charts to #22


Lock It Up is Gabriel's highest charted single at Billboard @ #15

 1 of 2


Lock It Up moves up the Groove Jazz Charts to #24 from #34

Phil Ramone passes ...

Condolences to the family of the late Phil Ramone, who died today at 79. 

He was highly regarded in the music industry as a producer and elder statesman.
His production skills and big ears encompassed everything from iconic rock acts 
all the way to jazz artists. He will be missed by a whole industry!

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