Gabriel's Starpixie moves up Billboard charts again!

After five weeks the first single from Kissed By The Sun is now at #15 on Billboard.....
Nestled in with some great company, too ....
Many thanks to Neil Sapper at New World 'n' Jazz, all the loyal and supportive MDs, my guest performers, and my 'partner in crime' Jeff Lorber, for his mad skills! GMH

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A new FOUR STAR (out of four) CD review from Europe:

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - KISSED BY THE SUN
  • Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  - 
  • KISSED BY THE SUN (2012) 
  • Wind Tunnel Records
  • Nr.: WT 361399
  • Distributor: Independent
  • Website:
  • Rating: 
  • After his success album ‘Told Ya So’ and receiving ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ honours, trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is back with a new recording. Here, a lot of special guests lend him a hand, like Jeff Lorber, Chuck Loeb, Brian Bromberg, Rob Tardik, Rock Hendricks and Walle Larson. And Gabriel surely delivers! Together with Lorber, he wrote and produced every track on the CD. When you hear ‘King James’, you’ll think of the funk of James Brown. Rock Hendricks adds his saxophone to the tune. With ‘Lock It Up’ we arrive in a more funky jazzy surrounding. The sax is passed on to Walle Larsson. ‘Kindness’ is a softer track, nice smooth jazz. Chuck Loeb on guitar and Brian Bromberg on bass come together with Gabriel for the calm, smooth and traditional ‘Funk In Deep Freeze’. On ‘Unreal Blues’ I hear the keyboard of Jeff Lorber in duet with Gabriel’s trumpet, while the title track flows by nice and smoothly. Rob Tardik’s guitar gives ‘It’s Real’ a romantic mid-tempo atmosphere, followed by the first single ‘Starpixie’. This track breathes again Jeff Lorber’s touch on the keys, and Gabriel follows in those steps with his trumpet. If you are ‘Ready When You Are’, you’ll hear a wonderful romantic tune. And we close this CD with the funk drenched ‘No One Like You’, on the edge of Lorber’s contemporary jazz. On the whole, this is an outstanding album with fine collaborations! Gabriel has done it again!            Patrick Van de Wiele

    Kissed By The Sun moves up again!

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    > Eighteen new spins this week moves KBTS up the ladder! Thanks MDs and PDs for your enthusiasm and continued support...... 300+ is in sight!
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    Moving up the Billboard charts again

    Starpixie moves up from #26 to #20 this week! My fastest rise of all my singles....

    Gabriel Mark Hasselbach
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    New CD Kissed By The Sun just released and already on the charts!

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    Archive photos with Gabriel and Michael Bublé

    Pictures from the archives.....  1998
    The eminent music photographer Gladys Lee found these 
    shots in her file cabinet. Gabriel and Michael Bublé worked 
    with and for each other over many years, venues, formats 
    and cities, even together on the Chris Isaak TV show.   

    Copyright: Gladys Lee
    Here is one from the same period at Club Babalu, Vancouver

    More to come, thanks Gladys!