Kissed By The Sun moves up again!

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> Eighteen new spins this week moves KBTS up the ladder! Thanks MDs and PDs for your enthusiasm and continued support...... 300+ is in sight!
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> > > Currently in Quebec City on a five day performance event...
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Moving up the Billboard charts again

Starpixie moves up from #26 to #20 this week! My fastest rise of all my singles....

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New CD Kissed By The Sun just released and already on the charts!

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Archive photos with Gabriel and Michael Bublé

Pictures from the archives.....  1998
The eminent music photographer Gladys Lee found these 
shots in her file cabinet. Gabriel and Michael Bublé worked 
with and for each other over many years, venues, formats 
and cities, even together on the Chris Isaak TV show.   

Copyright: Gladys Lee
Here is one from the same period at Club Babalu, Vancouver

More to come, thanks Gladys!