The Bentall Summer Concert Series is on the horizon!

Every Friday this Summer, from Noon - 1:30 pm, starting July 7 through Aug 25, there will be a fantastic array of talent performing on the plaza at the base of Bentall Tower Four! Easy to find with lots of parking, downtown Vancouver, 1055 Dunsmuir, across from the Burrard Skytrain station by the Hyatt and Royal Centre. 
There is ample seating and a food court there if you want to enjoy a fantastic lunchtime event. Public Welcome!

See the final lineup below and full details with links at and be sure to repost and share with your friends. 

Don't forget, I will be all over the city this summer, so check out my schedule too! 

Calling all performers for Saturday June 3!

Hat's Off Day is a big deal in Burnaby on Saturday June 3, with a 20 block street fair, bands, show and shine, food kiosks, and parade. It is a not for profit community event that is super fun...

Would you like to come and perform at the West Tent near Boundary and Hastings (@ Esmond) where all the best music is happening? We already have the Urbana Big Band at 11 am (after the parade), and other ensembles slated to showcase as well.

Sound system and most backline provided, as well as some backing musicians on call. A great place to do a short set to showcase your originals or whatever you have!

Let me know if you are interested.... would love to have you!!!  RSVP

Easy parking for performers, too! All in good fun and a place to strut your stuff.

Pros, weekend warriors, karaoke stars, singers, or school bands all welcome....

Let’s Make it Fair for Musicians

Gabriel and colleagues,

As musicians, we understand better than anyone that music has value and we along with other artists should be fairly compensated our work.

Under our current laws, this isn't the case. In fact, music copyright laws are so outdated that many were written before the internet even existed. The good news is that a new, bipartisan bill has been introduced that will benefit musicians and other artists who create the work.

Add your voice to the chorus by asking your member of Congress to support the Fair Play Fair Pay Act.

This bill aims to restore a core principle of fairness to music: People who work should be paid for their work, particularly when others are making a profit from it.

Support for performance rights has never been stronger and momentum towards real copyright reform is building every day.

Add your voice to the chorus by asking your member of Congress to support the Fair Play Fair Pay Act.

In Unity,
Ray Hair
AFM International President

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Video: Gabriel at Frankie's with Alita Dupray and Dee Daniels

Here are a few video snippets from a recent gig at Frankie's Jazz Club 

with Alita Dupray, Dee Daniels, Laurence Mollerup, Bruno Hubert, and Phil Robertson.

Rockin' The Ribjoint

King James

Kiss Me Baby (w/ Dee Daniels

Song For My Father (w/ Alita Dupray)

Our Love Is Here To Stay w/Dee Daniels

Turn On To Summer (w/ Alita Dupray)

No One Like You


Corcovado  (w/ Alita Dupray)

Everything I Got Belongs To You w/Alita Dupray

Angel Eyes w/Alita Dupray

Goodbye Porkpie Hat (w/ Alita Dupray)

Teaser Clip

Trump’s Defense of His Lies: ‘I’m President and You’re Not’

Trump’s Defense of His Lies: ‘I’m President and You’re Not’

Donald Trump. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It is remarkable — and perhaps praiseworthy — that Donald Trump gave a long and detailed interview on the subject of his being a pathological liar. The interview, with Time’s Michael Scherer, covers a wide range of Trump’s lies, and features many of his own justifications for them. The truly revealing moment of the interview comes at the end, when Trump gives up the game. “But isn’t there, it strikes me there is still an issue of credibility,” asks Scherer, referencing Trump’s hallucinatory claims to have been surveilled by his predecessor, which his own intelligence officials have refuted. Trump rambles through various talking points, and lands on this conclusion: “I guess, I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.”

This small line is an important historical marker of the bizarre and disconcerting reality into which American politics has plunged. Trump is not merely making an attack on truth here. He is attacking the idea of truth. His statement is a frontal challenge to the notion that objective reality can be separated from power.

Trump and his officials have been dancing around this notion since November. When challenged on almost any of their lies, they point to the election, which proves that the credibility of the crooked Fake News media is nonexistent, and theirs is beyond reproach. Questions about veracity are met with responses about voting in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Trump made the argument explicit: The only measure of his veracity is power, which he has, and his critics do not.

I once suggested that Trump’s most anti-democratic quality is his authoritarian epistemology. He tells repeated, brazen lies about matters large and small, in the confidence that his supporters have surrendered all independent judgment to him. That is not a democratic relationship between elected official and policy.