#1 on the SmoothJazz.com Holiday Album Chart

Well well!

SmoothJazz.com, one of the most visible landing strips for contemporary jazz, has honored ‘I’ll Be There This Christmas’ with the #1 spot on the holiday charts!

Co-written with and orchestrated by Daniel Séguin!

As of Dec 19, 2021, we are at 48K views!
I’ll Be There This Christmas (YouTube)

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And here is a segment from the TV interview Gabriel did for Our City Tonight:

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Fwd: BDSradio Smooth Jazz Most Added for November 22, 2021

Getting some traction at radio with
 I‘ll Be There This Christmas’

November 22, 2021
RAGAN WHITESIDE This Christmas (Randis) 4/0   
PATRICK LAMB I See It In Your Eyes (Patrick Lamb) 3/10   
CHARLES A. KELLY You're Not Alone (Innervision) 3/3   
TAKOSHA SWAN Silent Night (Voice Of A Swan) 3/0   
XAVIER GORDON Christmas Without You (Trio) 3/0   
RICKY ALAN DRAUGHN O Holy Night (Not Listed) 3/0   
REZA KHAN I See Stars (Painted) 3/0   
MAYSA & MICHAEL J THOMAS It's Christmas (Harbor Breeze) 3/0   
KIRK WHALUM All I Want For Christmas (Mack Ave.) 3/0   
GABRIEL MARK HASSELBACH I'll Be There This Christmas (Wind Tunnel) 3/0   
JACOB WEBB FEAT. JAZMIN GHENT Nothing Better (Next Paradigm) 2/12   
KENNY G FEAT. THE SOUND OF STAN GETZ Legacy (Concord) 2/10   
CLAY BENJAMIN Forever & Always (Carson Lake) 2/10   
MARC ANTOINE Still In Love (Shanachie) 2/9   
KIM WATERS Nina In Tortola (Shanachie) 2/3   
SPIROS EXARAS FEAT. EUGENE RUFFOLO The Magic Of Christmas (Polyglottal) 2/0   
EUGE GROOVE Linus & Lucy (House Of Groove) 2/0   
JJ SANSAVERINO Tree Trimming With You (Innervision) 2/0   
Issue date November 27, 2021. "BDSradio Most Added This Week" is a list of all songs with two or more new adds either reported by each station or by automatic add thresholds from BDSradio's exclusive panel of reporters. On holiday weeks fewer stations may report and/or add new music. Copyright © 2021 MRC Data LLC | All rights reserved. Permission is not granted to reprint.

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Wave.fm review of Tongue & Groove

Tongue & Groove

He's won a Juno. He's won two Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. He's won a West Coast Music Award. And he's earned several Gold and Platinum albums throughout his career (which included a stint with the Powder Blues Band). So ... what does a boy who was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, but now calls Vancouver home, do next?

He jam-packs a fresh collection with so much talent you just know it's going to be something special. That's not to say that Gabe isn't special enough on his own. He most definitely is - whether it's trumpet, flugelhorn or flute, GMH is an unparalleled vibe-master, always discovering new ways to groove solidly in the pocket.  

I'm proud to say I had a hand in picking the lead-off single "Chill@Will". Featuring Bob Baldwin - remember the guy at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Saturday party whose keyboard dropped to the floor and so he dropped with it and just kept on playing? - this track is a delicious blend of funky groove and tasty textures.

Uber-producer (and guitar player) Paul Brown shows up for a spin with Gabe on "Heading North". Paul's unmistakable style (slick and smooth) melds perfectly with Gabe's urban sensibility. "Daahoud" with Chris Standring is another standout, as is "Slipstream Turbulence" featuring fellow Canadian Brian Hughes. I also absolutely adore Gabe's unique take on "Feels So Good" (extended version with Miles Black and Grant Geissman) - an old chestnut given new life with a contemporary twist.

I've known Gabe for a long time and he is not only one of the most exceptionally talented musicians in the biz, he is also a passionate and generous soul, two traits that permeate every note he plays. Tongue & Groove ramps up the maestro's mainstream/contemporary mastery at every turn. I've said it before: "What I love the most about Gabe is his utter fearlessness. Not one to ever rest on past grooves, he charts new and exciting territory with each new CD."


Tongue & Groove is no exception. Keep on grooving Gabe, and we will keep on loving you!


Vickie van Dyke

Morning Host

From Gabriel Sent from Mobile https://goo.gl/rGW5JA

Gabriel and Trifecta at UCOL

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach and his Trifecta group feat. Jason DeCouto (keys) and Phil Belanger (drums) perform a streaming concert  for Jazz Vespers at UCOL (United Churches of Langley). 
The theme was 'Spring' with classics like Up Jumped Spring; Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most; It Might As Well Be Spring. On A Clear Day; Sunny; I Love Paris In The Springtime; and Little Sunflower. Recorded by Brad Jarvis and William Ness. Introductions and session coordinator: Linda Szentes; Sermon: Sophia Ducey. 
 Booking: specialtytalent@gmail.com 

Website: www.GabrielJazz.com

Little Sunflower

I Love Paris In The Springtime


Up Jumped Spring

On A Clear Day

It Might As Well Be Spring

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Thanks to The United Churches of Langley for this opportunity!

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach & Band @ The TD Vancouver Jazz Festival

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach and his band rip through an exciting set at the 2017 TD Vancouver Jazz Festival, in a cool venue called Blue Martini. Performing with him are his longtime fav players: Miles Black (piano), Laurence Mollerup (bass), Phil Robertson (drums), and his 'since childhood' musical buddy Brian Monroney (guitar), who came all the way up from Seattle for this gig. The set included many of Gabriel's strongest live tunes, culled from his 14 albums, 10 Billboard hits, and 3 JazzWeek hits, plus his 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards  Album of the Year 'Told Ya So'.

Gabriel plays flugelhorn, flute, and trumpet on this set. You can find him at www.GabrielJazz.com

His Gabriel Signature Mouthpiece line is at www.Wedgemouthpiece.com/Gabriel

Bookings at SpecialtyTalent@gmail.com

UnReal Blues:  

Mulberry Street:


Tempting Fate:  

Snap To It: 


King James:

Funk In Deepfreeze: 

Rockin' the Ribjoint:

Check This Out:

Charmed Life:

Si Bonita: 

TBT with Gabriel & John Denver

Back in 1988 I was part of a John Denver album session in Vancouver, produced by the iconic Roger Nichols (Steely Dan). 

I only got to play on one tune, but it was a corker! I don’t recall all the other players but we had fun...... 

Jerry Sheff Bass James T Hardin piano James Burton guitar.. all from Elvis and Roy Orbison's band...and Daryl Burgess in drums.  

Engineering genius Roger Nichols produced, and (maybe Tom Colclough on clarinet and Ralph Eppel on trombone).

Gabriel and Miles Black at UCOL Jazz Vespers

During a pandemic, virtual performances are the only way to go.

UCOL (United Church of Langley) invited Miles Black and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach to perform their mutual original material for their Jazz Vespers. Sumptuously recorded by Brad Jarvis, with still photos from Garth Balint, and production coordination from Linda Szentes. 

Comfort Zone

That Look In Your Eyes