Presence of Mind

Gabriel's fourth single from Tongue & Groove PRESENCE OF MIND (feat Daniel Séguin) is now unleashed and was on the Most Added chart list the first week of release.

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With 11 Billboard hits already under his belt, hornmeister Gabriel Mark Hasselbach aims for an even dozen with his latest single Presence of Mind, which sparkles with good energy and shows off some exceptional melodic improvisation. Gabriel is a triple threat on trumpet, flute, and flugelhorn, whose smooth horn playing highlights a nimble and tasty set of mad skills.

The album that spawned this song- Tongue & Groove - was nominated for Contemporary Album of the Year at the Jazz Music Awards in Atlanta this past fall. He is a Juno Award Winner (Canadian equiv of a Grammy), as well as Album of the Year and Instrumentalist of the Year recipient at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards 2011. 

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