Lock It Up CHARTBOUND with new adds and spins


Top 50 Radio Recap


MIKE LEVINE- Thinking of You (Downtime) - 147 spins/0 adds

JEFFREY OSBORNE- A Time for Love (Time Life) - 144 spins/3 adds

GIANNI VANCINI- Souls United (Progetti e Dintorni) - 142 spins/1 adds

GROOVE55- Voyage (123jam.com) - 141 spins/2 adds

GABRIEL MARK HASSELBACH- Kissed By the Sun (Wind Tunnel) - 137 spins/3 adds

ELAN TROTMAN- Tropicality (Woodward Avenue) - 137 spins/0 adds

-- ciao 4 niao

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩

KISSED BY THE SUN already reached #15 on the Billboard charts and #8 on the 
Smooth Jazz Album charts. Great reviews and moreFan and promoter comments. 

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LOCK IT UP: Most Added Chart for January 28, 2013

Back in the saddle again! My second single from Kissed By The Sun, called LOCK IT UP hit radio just this week and has started with some immediate traction at Billboard! It features the deft sax of Walle Larsson, and the akimbo keys of Jeff Lorber. Listen for yourself to see if we have broken any laws ..... 

January 28, 2013
  ARTIST Title (Label)
  GREG MANNING Dance With You (Greg Manning)
  BEN TANKARD FEAT. GERALD ALBRIGHT Full Tank (Ben-Jamin'/Universal)
  PHIL DENNY Traffic Jam (Off-Sheet)
  TERRANCE PALMER So Amazing (Skylimit)   

GABRIEL MARK HASSELBACH  FEAT. WALLE LARSSON            Lock It Up (Wind Tunnel Records)

  PATRICK LAMB Maceo! (Patrick Lamb)
  GROOVE55 FEAT. RICK BRAUN Hornets (Groove55)
  GROOVEATECH ORCHESTRA One More Time (Grooveatech)
  BRIAN BROMBERG Ellen (Artistry/Mack Avenue)
  PAUL HARDCASTLE No Stress (Trippin 'n' Rhythm)
  TAK MATSUMOTO Live Life (335)
  JOE PLASS Good Thing (JTP)
  LARRY CARLTON Room 335 (2012) (335)
  TIM CUNNINGHAM Surrendered Soul (TAWC)
  DUNCAN MILLAR Fresh Air (Warmday)
  DZIHAN & KAMIEN Stiff Jazz (Six Degrees)
  BOOKER T. JONES Harlem House (Anti-)
  QUANTIC & HIS COMBO BARBARO Magdalena (Reprise) (Tru Thoughts)
  BOOKER T. JONES Walking Papers (Anti-)
  SWING OUT SISTER Incomplete Without You (Shanachie)

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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩

 Great reviews and moreFan and promoter comments. 

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Trumpet giants and Billy Cobham webcasts

Below are some pics from my good friend and talented piano colleague Kristian Alexandrov....
He is pictured with Dizzy Gillespie's last horn, which was given to Arturo Sandoval, and with the iconic (85 yr old) Doc Severinson! Kristian has the (dubious) honor of working with a plethora of trumpeters like myself, and the pix were taken from a recent gig with Doc, Mike Herriot, and Jens Lindeman, all monsters! 
Also at the bottom you will find links to two Billy Cobham live webcasts for tonight and Monday.
Yay all around!!

When: January 26, 2012 - 9:00 PM PT

Billy Cobham
When: January 28, 2013 - 8:00 PM PT

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes everyone!


I was humbled to have so many Birthday Wishes from FB friends yesterday!
Everyone was so thoughtful, and I appreciate you all very much .... 
Notes from Arturo Sandoval and Ronny Jordan were unexpected surprises, too!
Went to see Silver Linings Playbook and then to Blue Water Cafe for a nice dinner, 
and indulged in their famous Seafood Tower.....

Onward and upward! G

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Starpixie makes a chart reappearance

Cool.... after many months on Billboard, and finally dropping off, Starpixie makes a reappearance on the Groove Charts.
I guess it has legs! 
New single LOCK IT UP at radio soon!

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

KISSED BY THE SUN already reached #15 on the Billboard charts and #8 on the 
Smooth Jazz Album charts. Great reviews and moreFan and promoter comments. 

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URGENT CALL TO ACTION re: Honey LaRochelle

I'm at a Kickstarter concert for my  'niece' Honey LaRochelle. She grew up with my daughter and has gone on to a notable singing career. She has worked with Roberta Flack (she's her protege), Macy Gray, Brand New Heavies, Joss Stone, and has written for Jennifer Hudson among others.

She is now about to launch (with the help of Kickstarter and friends) her soulful project The Yes Feeling...

HOWEVER.... There is only 3 more days for her to reach her goal of $13000.00 or she does NOT get anything and the money is returned to the supporters. She has raised over $7K already but needs that last amount to get to the goal. Can you get on board TODAY?

Check out the details here and ACT NOW:

Don't be a stuck in the mud, do it now, friends!


Hi Fi Christmas downloads from Gabriel

Happy Holidays Friends!

Bill Reiter from WAGRadio sent me a little note, which was pretty nice, and I am shocked and amazed! It said: 
 "Congrats on your played-every-Christmas song 'Christmas Time Here' You've achieved something that every recording artist wants - a Christmastime hit ! ! ! "

Well, my Christmas album 'Gabriel's Holiday Notes' sold out this year, but I am still getting some requests... so, just in case you are trying to find it for your hearthside, or if you need some last minute radio programming, here are my eight favorites for you... these are newly remastered hi-fi free downloads ...  pick and choose at will... 

These tracks feature great talents like Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Miles Black, Tony Chamberlist, Miles Foxx Hill, Luis Giraldo, Eric Vaughn, Jimm Taylor, and they made ME play trumpet, flugel and flute, and 'channel' Satchmo  ;-)

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! 

You can stream (double click) or download  (right click) 

Plus a little bonus, the new single from Kissed By The Sun  Lock It Up hitting radio Jan 22!

KBTS review from LAJazz.com

Super review from LAJazz.com

Kissed by the Sun - Artist: Gabriel

Artist Gabriel brings trumpet mastery to his CD project, Kissed by the Sun. Here is a recording full of power, spunk and funk. Turn back the clock to the delicious horn lines of Tower of Power. If you loved that danceable momentum, you will certainly enjoy Gabriel's album. It's a nice blend of Smooth Jazz, mixed with R&B horn licks and a healthy dose of bebop. This trumpeter can play it all. Gabriel's CD crosses genres and employs the creative genius of keyboardist/songwriter/producer/engineer and arranger, Jeff Lorber. Lorber has written all songs on this project, along with co-writer/artist Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, except "Funk in Deep Freeze." This one was written by Hank Mobley, a saxophonist I came up listening to and one who jazz critic, Leonard Feather once called "the middle weight champion of the tenor sax". Mobley was iconic during the 'hard bop' era. It was great to hear one of his compositions reinvented.

Gabriel plays trumpet, flugelhorn, alto & C flute, trombone and evi on this album. Evi is an electric valve instrument that sounds like a saxophone being played through a heavy reverb system. It can also mimic other sounds and instruments, the same way a computerized synthesizer or electric piano does. Evi responds to air pressure and was created as a synthesizer for trumpeters.

My favorite tunes on this CD are "King James" with its catchy melody and staccato horn lines. "Lock It Up" is both harmonic and funky, but still proffers a beautiful melody. "Funk in Deep Freeze" features some great musicianship by featured artists, Chuck Loeb (guitar) and Brian Bromberg (bass). It starts out sounding like Smooth Jazz and branches quickly into great bop improvisation. I enjoyed the title tune and "Ready When You Are" a sexy showcase of Gabriel's smooth jazz trumpet talent. The final tune is powerful. "No One Like You" features Lorber on a spiraling-into-the-universe keyboard solo. Lorber also plays synthesized guitar and bass on this CD. Tony Moore on drums is the man holding the rhythm firmly in place on three of the songs I picked as favorites. This CD is the whole package! It flaunts well written songs and great musicianship wrapped up beautifully by an excellent, tightly woven production; a perfect gift for the holidays.

Dee Dee McNeil, LAJazz.com

Read the Mobile Device review online (halfway down the page) at:

Or on your Desktop at http://www.lajazz.com/blog19.cfm?ID=334598

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