Finally! A December post....

Whew, it has been a whirlwind few months! I realized I haven't posted or tweeted or facebooked for ages....

Speaking of such, I have some great facebook friends like Gabriela Anders and others, and those connections have led to some great upcoming collaborations...
So, let's see..... I am headlining a couple of nights in Seattle coming up, and will have Grammy Award winner and guitarist Paul Brown as special guest. For details, go to and sign up for the Listeners Club! 

December has been incredibly busy, and I have been performing my special Christmas show in many venues, lots of public shows and a good workout on tunes from my Christmas album, which can be purchased at . There is also a Christmas special there that bundles 'The Essential Gabriel Recordings' in a must-have gift set. Shipping is included...

I have been getting lots of offers for exotic gigs... will be in Bali in January, Australia in February, Jakarta (and maybe the Oasis Awards) in March, and the in April, Then festival season starts in earnest!

Wave Awards just announced!


The Wave Awards Nominating Committee

   Nov 3, 2010

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Dear Gabriel,

             The Nominating Committee for The Wave Awards (formerly the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards)

is delighted to announce that you has been nominated in the following categories: 

    Instrumentalist of the Year for 2010


Album of the Year for 2010 -Told Ya So

(with Miles Black)

           The Wave Awards is the 7th in our series of Awards shows and  takes place FRIDAY APRIL 29th, 2011 once again in beautiful Hammerson Hall at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario where we will be honouring you and the many other outstanding artists, both Canadian and International, who have contributed to the success of the Wave’s “Smooth Jazz” radio format in Canada.  The 2011 recipient of the George Benson Lifetime Achievement Award will be guitar great, Larry Carlton.

All nominations will be posted soon on the Wave Awards website:  Congratulations on your  nominations! 

            Let your fans know that secure on-line voting begins at on Monday January 10th  and ends Friday February 18th, 2011.  (link available in media section)  

             Winners will be determined primarily by the results of the voting with some industry input.

You are featured today on Eastside Radio 89.7FM - Sydney

Got a little LUV from Down Under today!

Hello Gabriel!

You are playlisted on “A Twist of Cool” on Eastside Radio 89.7fm, Sydney  

To see our playlist here’s the direct link:

If you’re not in Australia, convert your time to our time by going to this link.

For the very best in soul, jazz, funk, blues, Latin & world music:"Soulscope" on the North Shore’s 2NSB FM99.3 Sundays  4-6pm 

(fortnightly)  presented by Georgina Reed & Peter March   Streaming live on

Also "A Twist of Cool" on 2RES - Eastside Radio 89.7FM  Wednesdays 12noon-2pm presented by Reed & March

Streaming live on  Georgina Reed & Peter March

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Getting some amazing feedback!

Ok I am back! Happy Halloween.... Did a really fun costumed gig last night and tonight Sunday, hosted a Halloween Party for the neighborhood kids....

Told Ya So showed up on my recent radio rport with a number of new station adds... yay! Onward and upward...

This is cool... I recently had a surge of well being, and the feeling that 'it is all worth the effort' when I received an unsolicited email from someone I have never heard of... it is a bit self serving, but it is a little like getting a gold star in school, ya just want to show it off!

Mark Alderman from Wytheville, VA writes (unedited):



I’ve been playing trumpet over 45 years and followed many great players. I have heard them live and listened to their recordings;  Miles, Chet, Doc, Braun and Botti, to name a few.  You are in this same class!  I never say one trumpet player is better than another, because everyone is a unique individual, but there comes a time when a trumpet player reaches the pinnacle achieved by few and YOU ARE THERE!  I love your sound and your clean improvising.  I will be purchasing your CDs and certainly hope you will be coming to Virginia or North Carolina in the near future. Keep blow’in man.


With kind regards,


Mark Alderman



I want to thank you Mark, you made my day ... hope we meet in the near future!

Starting to get Bloggerific!

Oct 25- For those of you who don't know, I have a blog underway that documents the trials and triumphs of releasing my independent jazz CD. My new release 'Told Ya So' is out to radio and is getting attention from all over the world in its first week of widespread release. I had a soft release concert in June at the Cellar Jazz Club but needed to get all my ducks in a row and find the right window at radio. I actually went back and did some tweaking, fixed a few parts, had Craig Zurba do a remaster, and Miles Black jumped in with some new bass parts (what DOESN'T he play?). I am much happier with the consistency now, and proud to have this out there... definitely my best work yet. Special thanks to all the stellar guests like Jeff Lorber (who co-wrote the single 'Rockin' The Ribjoint' with me), and to Paul Brown who played guitar and mixed some tunes... also Marc Antoine, Darren Rahn, Rock Hendricks and Amanda Wood.  All the above have new projects out, so watch for them!

Jazz writer Lynn Olson paid a special kudo to me  She has a cool blog and is really informative, well connected and timely~

I finally got my stuff at CD Baby and they are great to work with... they take care of all the digital distribution at the plethora of outlets and such, makes being an independent a much easier task! Already had sales from Sweden, Japan, Belgium, US Army posts overseas, and locally! Wow, the power of the web-buzz. All titles are still available as disc and download at Wind Tunnel Records

Feel free to comment at

Keep it coming!


thanks for your help on Told Ya So!

Hi friends, players, and music industry wizards,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support in helping me pick a single and fine tune my new Told Ya So release! It is out and rockin'!

If somehow your CD copies never arrived in the mail, let me know.

The full CD plus the radio single edit of Rockin' The Ribjoint is finally now at radio across the US and Canada and actively being promoted. Starting to get some action in the first week...... starts their campaign Nov 1, and tracks should be up at iTunes and CD Baby by then, although it is already available as disc and downloads at

In the meantime I started a blog documenting the process, triumphs and tribulations of an independent jazz release .... at Feel free to post.

I also stumbled upon a trifecta of really great internet tools to drive traffic my way and maximize exposure and buzz factor at all social media sites out there (for any product, business or service, not just music) ... they might be of use to you, too.....check them out:

There will be updates and new content at and, and my blog, so stay tuned and thanks again~!

BTW, some of the esteemed guest soloists on Told Ya So have cool new releases as well, and I encourage you to check them out ... great stuff and good luck to you all! Look for new recordings out now from Paul Brown, Marc Antoine, Jeff Lorber, Amanda Wood, Darren Rahn (new single) and Rock Hendricks (Paul Hardcastle).