Getting excited!

Wow, getting excited about so much!

Heading down soon to The JW Desert Ridge Jazz Festival and will be hanging with my good jazz buds Warren Hill and Nick Colionne. They both have great new shows and new albums in the works, and it should be an exciting place to perform!

The Wave 'Smoothie' Awards comes later in April, and that will be a great weekend party with so many great names. Larry Carlton will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award (deservedly so), but other nominees like myself will just have to wait and see what transpires!

The Smoothies are always a great show and party (thanks to visionary Mary Kirk) and continues on at the Old Mill in TO the following night, where it inevitably becomes an All Star Jam.... I have had the opportunity to play with some great guys that would normally not be on the same gig, such as Rick Braun and Greg Adams, and have made some new friends and colleagues on stage, where I first met Nick Colionne, Peter White, Jessy J, and the fabulous David Sanborn.

Keep the Drive Alive and support the talent that puts heart and soul into every note you love!




Oasis Jazz Awards RIP

So very disappointed that the Oasis Awards in San Diego were a bust, especially at the 11th hour! It left many musicians scrambling or in transit. This is a hobbling blow to the contemporary jazz industry and art form, and may be indicative of the perfect storm of US economy woes and music apathy. We all have to support such a great platform in whatever way we can ..... Jazz and blues, in all their forms, are the only indigenous North American musical art forms, with contemporary or 'smooth' jazz being arguably the most relevant .... Thankfully The Canadian Wave Smoothies are still a go! 

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach 


'Told Ya So' - the new release impacting radio in the US, Canada, and Europe
New video of the chartbound single Rockin' The Ribjoint live at Jazz Alley

Live from Australia

Checking in from My travels in Oz. Doing a little two week tour here, three cities. Posting today from Sydney, I am here in the studios of Eastside fm 89.7 (or streaming at I am here in the studios doing an interview with the cool tag team of Reed & March and their show A Twist of Cool. My latest release Told Ya So was in named here in Oz as one of the top 20 albums of 2010. In the last two weeks I performed some luxe licks at the Paris Cat in Melbourne, and in the Sydney area at the Clarendon in Surry Hills, Woolahra Jazz Bar in Woolahra, the Sheaf in Double Bay, and The Civic in the city. Having a good time and will post some video soon. Attended the Roy Ayers show at The Basement (where I played a few years back). Good show, very beat heavy.... Packed house, SRO. He can still play the vibes, tho... Had them midi'd to synth sounds. Back to Vancouver for a concert with the big band Urbana on Feb 25.
Hugs from Down Under!  Gabriel

Evolver Nominated for Album of the Year

Evolver Nominated for Album of the Year

Nikki Baulisch - Marketing Coordinatorby Nikki Baulisch - Marketing Coordinator
February 9, 2011   |   11:00 am

Evolv Senior Executive Gabriel Hasselbach is a

 committed Evolver that says,“Evolv gets me through long days in the studio, extensive traveling, and gives me edge and focus on stage.”

We were happy to find out that his new smooth jazz cd release ‘Told Ya So‘ is currently on the US and Canadian charts and has been nominated for Album of the Year, and Gabriel himself for Wind Instrumentalist of the Year at the 2011 where he’ll also be performing April 29 in Ontario, Canada.

This is Gabriel’s (lucky) 13th album, and although the industry praise is already high for ‘Told Ya So’, the award winners are determined largely by popular voting online only until Feb 18. You can support a fellow Evolver by submitting your votes for Gabriel’s two awards at here:

Congratulations Gabriel and good luck!

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Friends, Fans, Colleagues: Gabriel's award nominations - Please vote!

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 Hello friends, fans and colleagues!

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 I am thrilled to be nominated twice and ask for your kind support!

2010 has been a great year for me and my music, and capping it off with a pair of awards would be so cool! Voting ends Feb. 18 so take a moment now to see all the nominees and vote!


Guitar legend Larry Carlton is being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the awards show April 29, where I am slated to perform my rising-at-radio single 'Rockin' The Ribjoint' from my nominated release 'Told Ya So'. Also in the running for International Vocalist is my friend and colleague Paul Brown, whom you can see in the VIDEO 1 link above, footage from our recent two night stand at Jazz Alley in Seattle, and who will be performing with me onstage at


I will be in Australia for most of February, and have some events scheduled in San Diego, Bali, and Phoenix after that. It should be an upswing year for me and I hope for you, too!


Please check out my new Facebook fan page above, click your 'like' button, and come on down! There's also lots of cool new content at the website, too. Many thanks in advance for your copious votes (multiple email addresses ok) and for sharing this request with your network!! ~ GMH







Finally! A December post....

Whew, it has been a whirlwind few months! I realized I haven't posted or tweeted or facebooked for ages....

Speaking of such, I have some great facebook friends like Gabriela Anders and others, and those connections have led to some great upcoming collaborations...
So, let's see..... I am headlining a couple of nights in Seattle coming up, and will have Grammy Award winner and guitarist Paul Brown as special guest. For details, go to and sign up for the Listeners Club! 

December has been incredibly busy, and I have been performing my special Christmas show in many venues, lots of public shows and a good workout on tunes from my Christmas album, which can be purchased at . There is also a Christmas special there that bundles 'The Essential Gabriel Recordings' in a must-have gift set. Shipping is included...

I have been getting lots of offers for exotic gigs... will be in Bali in January, Australia in February, Jakarta (and maybe the Oasis Awards) in March, and the in April, Then festival season starts in earnest!

Wave Awards just announced!


The Wave Awards Nominating Committee

   Nov 3, 2010

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Dear Gabriel,

             The Nominating Committee for The Wave Awards (formerly the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards)

is delighted to announce that you has been nominated in the following categories: 

    Instrumentalist of the Year for 2010


Album of the Year for 2010 -Told Ya So

(with Miles Black)

           The Wave Awards is the 7th in our series of Awards shows and  takes place FRIDAY APRIL 29th, 2011 once again in beautiful Hammerson Hall at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario where we will be honouring you and the many other outstanding artists, both Canadian and International, who have contributed to the success of the Wave’s “Smooth Jazz” radio format in Canada.  The 2011 recipient of the George Benson Lifetime Achievement Award will be guitar great, Larry Carlton.

All nominations will be posted soon on the Wave Awards website:  Congratulations on your  nominations! 

            Let your fans know that secure on-line voting begins at on Monday January 10th  and ends Friday February 18th, 2011.  (link available in media section)  

             Winners will be determined primarily by the results of the voting with some industry input.