Gabriel Mark Hasselbach & Band @ The TD Vancouver Jazz Festival

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach and his band rip through an exciting set at the 2017 TD Vancouver Jazz Festival, in a cool venue called Blue Martini. Performing with him are his longtime fav players: Miles Black (piano), Laurence Mollerup (bass), Phil Robertson (drums), and his 'since childhood' musical buddy Brian Monroney (guitar), who came all the way up from Seattle for this gig. The set included many of Gabriel's strongest live tunes, culled from his 14 albums, 10 Billboard hits, and 3 JazzWeek hits, plus his 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards  Album of the Year 'Told Ya So'.

Gabriel plays flugelhorn, flute, and trumpet on this set. You can find him at

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UnReal Blues:  

Mulberry Street:


Tempting Fate:  

Snap To It: 


King James:

Funk In Deepfreeze: 

Rockin' the Ribjoint:

Check This Out:

Charmed Life:

Si Bonita: 

Way After 8 breaks out!

Way After 8 is finally hitting its stride across the board, moving up week after week, and is officially the 10th Billboard hit for Gabriel!

Check Out Jazz Quarterly Allstar Edition featuring Gabriel:

Billboard at #23

Spotify at 143K

Media Base at #15

Groove Jazz at #29

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A great new review from O's Place! Oscar Groomes is a trusted and longstanding jazz reviewer

[96 out of 100!]

Subject: O's Place Review

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - Radio Gold      96

O's Notes: Coming on the heels of his traditional standards album (MidCentury Modern Vol. 1), trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (flugelhorn, flute & valve trombone) unleashes a fierce smooth jazz attack with Radio Gold! The gold refers to his Billboard hits along with some other new, funky tunes - 19 in all! As always Hasselbach includes an all-star supporting cast with Ronny Jordan (g) on “Way After 8”; Jeff Lorber (keys) on three selections notably “Mulberry Street” & “Starpixie”; Warren Hill (sax) on “East Coast”; Paul Brown (g) on “Equate Her”; Walle Larsson (sax) on “Lock It Up”; and Bob Baldwin (p) on “Charmed Life”. Other standouts are “Ready When You Are”, “Kissed By The Sun” and “Shake It Down” with Gabriel leading the charge. Contemporary jazz fans can’t miss with this one!

D. Oscar  Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter P.O. Box 38430 Charlotte, NC 28278

New Video: Gabriel plays the unsung trumpet heroes at Frankie's Jazz Club

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (trumpet) brought his crack band into Frankie's Jazz Club Dec 30, 2018 to honor the unsung trumpet heroes from the jazz history books, such as Carmell Jones, Jonah Jones, Joe Newman, Nat Adderley, Kenny Dorham, Blue Mitchell, Clifford Brown, and a few more familiar names like Miles Davis and Chet Baker.

feat. Jason DeCouto (organ), John Lee (guitar), Andre Lachance (bass), Nick Bracewell (drums)

Cuein' the Blues

Feat.  Joel Fountain (drums), Jason deCouto (piano), Wynston Minckler (bass).

Concert Medley (see complete performances below)


Cuein' The Blues

Work Song

St. James Infirmary

I’ll Close My Eyes

Night In Tunisia

My Funny Valentine

I’m Gonna Go Fishin’

Body and Soul

Blues Walk

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and of course APPLE MUSIC

Don't Miss It! July 13 Gabriel plays a tribute to Blue Mitchell at Frankie's

8:00pm   $17.50   rezzies recommended 778.727.0337 Frankie's Italian Kitchen  765 Beatty St. Vancouver, BC

Gabriel and his like-minded cadre of jazzers will perform a show comprised of material from the iconic midcentury trumpeter Blue Mitchell, including his well-known songs: Blue Soul, Blues On My Mind, Capers, Chick's Tune, Fungii Mama, I'll Close My Eyes, Mamacita, Mississippi Jump, Portrait of Jenny, Sir John, Step Lightly, Peace, Sweet & Lovely, &  Sweet Pumpkin.

Gabriel will be playing his newly acquired 1968 Martin trumpet and his Signature Wedge mouthpiece for that 'sound', and his band will bring along their classic vibe: w/ Craig Scott (d), Jason De Couto (p), Paul Rushka (b), and Cory Weeds (s).

Blue Mitchell has inspired Gabriel for many years, and some of this material has been recorded for Gabriel's 2018 record MidCentury Modern Vol. 1. Check them out:

Blue Soul

Blues On My Mind

Mississippi Jump 

Chick's Tune



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