Gabriel Mark Hasselbach & Band @ The TD Vancouver Jazz Festival

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach and his band rip through an exciting set at the 2017 TD Vancouver Jazz Festival, in a cool venue called Blue Martini. Performing with him are his longtime fav players: Miles Black (piano), Laurence Mollerup (bass), Phil Robertson (drums), and his 'since childhood' musical buddy Brian Monroney (guitar), who came all the way up from Seattle for this gig. The set included many of Gabriel's strongest live tunes, culled from his 14 albums, 10 Billboard hits, and 3 JazzWeek hits, plus his 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards  Album of the Year 'Told Ya So'.

Gabriel plays flugelhorn, flute, and trumpet on this set. You can find him at

His Gabriel Signature Mouthpiece line is at

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UnReal Blues:  

Mulberry Street:


Tempting Fate:  

Snap To It: 


King James:

Funk In Deepfreeze: 

Rockin' the Ribjoint:

Check This Out:

Charmed Life:

Si Bonita: 

Wow, what a weekend!

Last night's overflow crowd for my show at Blue Frog Studios concert venue really was supportive (and boisterous)!

We had an amazing show with the seemingly mild mannered Miles Black tearing it up to jawdropping heights; sax wrangler Cory Weeds showed how he has come into his own as Vancouver's highest profile saxman; Tim Stacey and Nino DiPasquale shon as an empathetic and driving bass and drums team.

I took the new Tromba Ultralight trumpet and flugelhorn for the most vigourous road test to date, and they passed with flying colours! Beautiful sound to match the beautiful look of these horns... they sailed like comets through the sky. Video to follow soon!

BUT TONIGHT I am 30 km in the other direction, in downtown Vancouver (west end), for a different twist on the jazz formats I like to present. 

I start at Ten Ten Tapas at 7 pm, and the fantastic Lisa Fennell will join me with her erudite spin on jazz, blues, and classics. Make a rezzie, the house is almost full already, so don't miss out! 604-689-7800. Don't forget, Friday nights are Latin at Ten Ten, and Thursdays and Sundays have something great always...

Here are some pix from last night, taken by my good friend Warren Magnuson: