The fall of the Roman Empire will be televised!

There is always too much Republican guile to not share! The Right Wing cadre of dillusional and hypocritical blowhards are anathema to me and all those who retain sanity. Just like the #metoo movement, a Day of Reckoning for Politics will come. Continue to Resist! 

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Two nights of fun

Hi Gang,

Just an FYI, I am playing a new venue tonight with LJ Mounteney at the Eclipse Lounge at Hastings Racetrack 7 pm. Enter Gate 6 on Renfrew near McGill. Inexpensive buffet served, free parking! Watch the video for more info, maybe we’ll see you there?! If not, maybe Blue Martini Sunday Jam tomorrow...

Gabriel Hasselbach


Gabriel and Quartet at Brentwood Jazz Evensong

The jazz flowed in the serene and intimate setting of Brentwood Jazz Evensong, hosted by Rev Brian Fraser.

Musicians included Doug Quiring on drums, Emilio Suarez on bass, and Bruno Hubert on piano. Gabriel could be heard on flugelhorn, trumpet, and flute....

Blue Soul

Blues On My Mind

Funk In Deepfreeze

You Don't Know What Love Is

Jazz and Samba

Nature Boy


Jazz @ The Pat Sat Jan 6 - Gabriel Hasselbach 5tet

Happy New Year!

3 pm Saturday January 6 - Jazz @ The Pat presents the Gabriel Hasselbach 5tet

Long overdue, Gabriel brings a 5tet that will swing hard!

Tilden Webb - piano 

Justin James - drums 

Emilio Suarez - bass

James Hill - saxophones 

GMH - trumpet, flugel & flute

Patricia Hotel

403 E Hastings at Dunlevy, The historic home of jazz in Vancouver

Just in time for Pat's: 

Newly remastered rereleases of Gabriel's two JazzWeek charted mainstream recordings: Come Out Swingin' and Swingin' Affair

Jazz @ The Pat is on Facebook:

Feel free to comment on shows, upload pics and make suggestions…


Back in the day I was part of a great Denver based funk band called Nitro, that featured (l-r) 

Ralph Beechum (b, v), Steve Sykes (g), RT Bolden (ts), Carl Carwell (v, perc), Clarence Cage (d, v), Al Campbell (p), and yours truly took over from Rod Wolber (tpt) while still a young pup (tpt). Visit us on facebook