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This is the ongoing saga of the trials, trevails, and tribulations of an independent jazz artist. Regardless of the challenges, the reward of continuing to own and manipulate your music catalog is the saving factor in this salmon-up-the-stream endeavor. Not quite as disheartening as Sisyphus, but some days it seems like it!

I have been a professional horn player most of my life, started at 8 in school band and started getting paid at 14. Actually made my recording debut at age 9 on a school band lp... an auspicious debut! Now I have (lucky) 13 recordings out and the latest Told Ya So is my best by far.

In school band in high school, I played trumpet in the stage band, and tried flute, french horn and sousaphone for various semesters in concert band. We had a band director who could not get a band into playing form very quickly, and as I got bored, I'd learn a new instrument. He was an amazing musician on piano and reeds, but just was not a great teacher (he also had a steel plate in his head from a car accident... that might have slowed him down, poor Mr Vance!). I then added flute professionally later on after about 12 years ... I needed another texture and color... a yearning that has defined my music over the years. My recordings are a unique layering of my horns (aha~ studio trickery!) such as flutes and mutes layered; flugelhorn and alto flute layered; digital wind instruments and trumpet layered..... rather unique pairings I think you will agree...

More history coming your way soon, but first I will post the single from my last release in 2008 Cool Down` called Check This Out, and which features Jeff Lorber and Victor Bailey. This one somehow got stalled at secondary market stations, but may have paved the way for the latest one called Rockin`The Ribjoint.


Oh yeah, check out my sites :
www.gabrieljazz.com and www.gabrielmarkhasselbach.com

.... there are links to all my albums and videos there

and Free Download from the 2009 Album of the Year nominated 'Cool Down': Check This Out!

PS I just added a photo from the cool photog AnnaBeaudry.com
Got busy after my last post... talked to Sandy at SmoothJazz.com and set up a six month promotion campaign. We also discussed Paul Brown's contribution as a player and mixer on some tunes.... Yakked to Neal at New World n Jazz as well (he's my radio promoter) to discuss some of the new 'adds' we are starting to get with Rockin' The Ribjoint, the featured single from Told Ya So. Then at the end of the eve, set up my CD Baby account for my entire catalogue (13). They now offer a cool thing as a full service distribution 'hub' for iTunes, Amazon, retailers, and a host of others. It used to be so time consuming to get that done..... yay CD Baby~!