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Oct 25- For those of you who don't know, I have a blog underway that documents the trials and triumphs of releasing my independent jazz CD. My new release 'Told Ya So' is out to radio and is getting attention from all over the world in its first week of widespread release. I had a soft release concert in June at the Cellar Jazz Club but needed to get all my ducks in a row and find the right window at radio. I actually went back and did some tweaking, fixed a few parts, had Craig Zurba do a remaster, and Miles Black jumped in with some new bass parts (what DOESN'T he play?). I am much happier with the consistency now, and proud to have this out there... definitely my best work yet. Special thanks to all the stellar guests like Jeff Lorber (who co-wrote the single 'Rockin' The Ribjoint' with me), and to Paul Brown who played guitar and mixed some tunes... also Marc Antoine, Darren Rahn, Rock Hendricks and Amanda Wood.  All the above have new projects out, so watch for them!

Jazz writer Lynn Olson paid a special kudo to me  She has a cool blog and is really informative, well connected and timely~

I finally got my stuff at CD Baby and they are great to work with... they take care of all the digital distribution at the plethora of outlets and such, makes being an independent a much easier task! Already had sales from Sweden, Japan, Belgium, US Army posts overseas, and locally! Wow, the power of the web-buzz. All titles are still available as disc and download at Wind Tunnel Records

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