Why don't you drop by for some cool tunes?

The weather is great this weekend, so get out and about!

I will be performing at Hard Rock Casino on United Blvd in Coquitlam tonight, Friday, starting at 9:30 pm... come and have a little free spirited fun!

And tomorrow I am back at 7 pm at my longstanding regular haunt Ten Ten Tapas.... where I am always Rockin' The Ribjoint. 
Special guests always join me and we have a great time, guest musicians and singers welcome. Awesome food, view, and music! 

I will be there for new Year's Eve, so book early!

Check out a preview of my new single out in a few weeks- it goes far beyond just a jazzy thang!..... Propulsion!

ciao 4 niao,

♬♩ Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩
Juno Award winner and Album of the Year winner 2011

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