Double Hitter on the Billboard Charts!

This week I moved up Billboard to #29 with Ready When You Are, and also up to #5 as featured soloist on Bob Baldwin's Seabreeze.

Hoping for some sustainable momentum!

I am off to perform dates in April, and will be playing the New Orleans French Quarter Fest, then over to a Ft Lauderdale, then for a Bahama jazz cruise, then  to Orlando for a Jazz Tastings guest spot with JT Quartet, then on to Phoenix, then Las Vegas for the City of Lights Jazz, Rhythm & Blues Festival as a guest performing with the fabulous Nick Colionne. A bit later in the summer I'll will be at the Jazz On Blue Mountain Fest in Ontario, then as part of the Canadian Brass and Steel Show (Rob Tardik-guitar, Walle Larsson-saxes, and GMH-trumpet, flugelhorn, flute) at the Lyric Theatre in Winnipeg.

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