Upcoming Music Events - Starting Saturday

Don't forget.....

I will be at my usual haunt Saturday, Ten Ten Tapas. It is a swinging place with great food, fantastic waterfront location, and cool sounds from special guest artists who join me on a regular basis. This week I will be performing many of the tunes off my new album, Open Invitation, and have Mimi Snyder coming in to perform some new tunes that we are preparing for her upcoming album, which I am producing. Come by and get out of the dreary weather.... its warm and inviting! Rezzies please: 604-689-7800. Free parking underground along the highrise towards the seawall. Here is a little graphic made by the floor manager there:

There is an exciting upcoming event to plan for as well:

Oct 24 Blues Bash Benefit for REACH, featuring blues stars such as Olaf deShield, Cecile LaRochelle, LJ Mounteney, and Lisa Fennell. We still need some silent auction items and sponsors, see the pdfs for tickets and sponsorship details.