Vancouver Long Weekend Report

Hi Everyone, 

Thank you to all who came out and supported me, my band, Ten Ten Tapas, and St Andrews Wesley Jazz Vespers this weekend!

We had an incredible Jazz Vespers performance at St Andrews Wesley this last Sunday. Joining me was Rene Worst on bass, Chris Haas on drums, and Jason Decouto on piano. We had a lot of fun, and a double standing ovation midway through the set!!  It was nothing I have ever experienced, let alone in a church! 

FYI, St Andrews Wesley is a United church, embracing 'all that is good' (non denominational), and has been hosting Jazz Vespers for 20 years, but the format started in the 40's in New York with Duke Ellington and others......
Thanks to Jamie Croil for arranging the booking, and pastor Dan Chambers for a relevant and inspiring oration.

Earlier in the day I performed for another full house at the Ten Ten Tapas Jazz Brunch. The talented Jayleen Stonehouse and Lisa Fennell sang a few sunny Sunday songs with me, and Taffy made a special appearance as well.... Wow, it is such a perfect place to be - great view patio, awesome food, and some tasty jazzy sounds from yours truly. Father's Day is coming up, so make your reservations! 604-689-7800.

Hope to see you there soon, and why not make it a Sunday routine? Jazz Brunch, a stroll on the Seawalk, and Jazz Vespers (there is a great lineup always!)