URGENT CALL TO ACTION re: Honey LaRochelle

I'm at a Kickstarter concert for my  'niece' Honey LaRochelle. She grew up with my daughter and has gone on to a notable singing career. She has worked with Roberta Flack (she's her protege), Macy Gray, Brand New Heavies, Joss Stone, and has written for Jennifer Hudson among others.

She is now about to launch (with the help of Kickstarter and friends) her soulful project The Yes Feeling...

HOWEVER.... There is only 3 more days for her to reach her goal of $13000.00 or she does NOT get anything and the money is returned to the supporters. She has raised over $7K already but needs that last amount to get to the goal. Can you get on board TODAY?

Check out the details here and ACT NOW:

Don't be a stuck in the mud, do it now, friends!