Upcoming Los Angeles Awards Show

I had the pleasure to tour extensively this last year in support of my third Billboard charting track 'Lock It Up' (which stayed on Billboard 15 weeks and most radio charts for nine months), and have played from California to Detroit, with lots of stops in between. I have developed a really rocking show, and I always try to keep the audiences pumped. For more info: Gabrieljazz.com

So now I've been invited to perform at the big four day Lemonade Weekend festival and awards show in LA in the spring... a really cool event! 

Click the pic for lineup, details, and tickets!

A most auspicious Acceptance and Performance at the 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards

Here is a highlight reel of my recent Arizona concert with guest vocalist, American Idol Finalist Crystal Stark

and the most recent Billboard charting single 'Lock It Up'

and a timely Remembrance Day/ Veterans Day video of my song Come Back Home (from the cd Cool Down)

and what the fans and promoters say