thanks for your help on Told Ya So!

Hi friends, players, and music industry wizards,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support in helping me pick a single and fine tune my new Told Ya So release! It is out and rockin'!

If somehow your CD copies never arrived in the mail, let me know.

The full CD plus the radio single edit of Rockin' The Ribjoint is finally now at radio across the US and Canada and actively being promoted. Starting to get some action in the first week...... starts their campaign Nov 1, and tracks should be up at iTunes and CD Baby by then, although it is already available as disc and downloads at

In the meantime I started a blog documenting the process, triumphs and tribulations of an independent jazz release .... at Feel free to post.

I also stumbled upon a trifecta of really great internet tools to drive traffic my way and maximize exposure and buzz factor at all social media sites out there (for any product, business or service, not just music) ... they might be of use to you, too.....check them out:

There will be updates and new content at and, and my blog, so stay tuned and thanks again~!

BTW, some of the esteemed guest soloists on Told Ya So have cool new releases as well, and I encourage you to check them out ... great stuff and good luck to you all! Look for new recordings out now from Paul Brown, Marc Antoine, Jeff Lorber, Amanda Wood, Darren Rahn (new single) and Rock Hendricks (Paul Hardcastle).