Success of a local music scene

Reprinted from a FB post by Jeremy Monteiro

The key thing in the success of a local music scene is the support of musicians of each other and the support of music fans for local bands.

And here is one big secret in creating a local music scene. YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOVE EACH OTHER'S MUSIC. But if you respect the hard work and dedication of your fellow musicians, lend a hand and support each other.

It doesn't matter if you are famous or just starting out. Go to each others' gigs, suspend judgement or the need to make comparisons. If you are already well on your way, no matter what level the musicians or band, at some point in your journey, you were at that very same level....and you needed the support and encouragement of other musicians and music fans. And they obviously gave it to you or you would not have continued on your journey and be where you are now.

And if you are just starting out, go out to support the established musicians.We too need your support and encouragement....and when we see you support us, we are touched and we will remember you when we can do something to help you move ahead.

New artists and musicians struggle and suffer. Unless you are Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake or in the top 3% of acts, even established musicians struggle even if we don't actually suffer.

And....older musicians, if they were not careful with their money management, can also reach a point in their old age where they suffer and struggle again. Some are legends and I personally know one who died alone in an old aged home in LA after an illustrious career as a great drummer.

As music fans and even radio station programmers, the easy way is just to play what's on the charts, to follow the herd.

But right here, right now in your own home town, there are people who work hard, who are dedicated, some are well-known some are starting out some are mid career, some are in their old age still making great music. We need each other....because the alternative is a depressing cultural desert.

If we call ourselves music lovers, then just make it a point, whether you love or only like or don't really like....just go sometimes, support local musicians, buy a drink or two or pay a door charge to get in, buy an album or a track (legally)....a little bit of support by everyone from every part of society can help lift music and musicians in Singapore.

Don't compare the local artist with a Grammy Award winning artist. You can show your love to both and the fruits of your support and love will allow the Singapore music scene or your own local music scene to flourish, maybe we will see it in our lifetime.

(Thank you George J Choty for sharing that poster that inspired this post)

Some video of performances with myself, Jeremy Monteiro (keys), Christy Smith (bass), Jordan Rivers (guitar), and Eric Hargrove (drums)