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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - Radio Gold      96
O's Notes: Coming on the heels of his traditional standards album, trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (flugelhorn, flute & valve trombone) unleashes a fierce smooth jazz attack with Radio Gold! The gold refers to his Billboard hits along with some other new, funky tunes - 19 in all! As always Hasselbach includes an all-star supporting cast with Ronny Jordan (g) on “Way After 8”; Jeff Lorber (keys) on three selections notably “Mulberry Street” & “Starpixie”; Warren Hill (sax) on “East Coast”; Paul Brown (g) on “Equate Her”; Walle Larsson (sax) on “Lock It Up”; and Bob Baldwin (p) on “Charmed Life”. Other standouts are “Ready When You Are”, “Kissed By The Sun” and “Shake It Down” with Gabriel leading the charge. Contemporary jazz fans can’t miss with this one!

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