New chart updates for Gabriel and a cool gig report!

Had a pretty cool week all in all!

Friday I played a Spring Break Jazz Funk Blowout Show in Vancouver, and my band was killing it!
Hats off to Tilden Webb, Don Powrie, Daryl Jahnke, and Kerry Galloway for such concise and punchy playing, and taking it to the next level! Also a big shout out to all the fans that came and grooved all night... we had them all dancing (take that, jazz purists!)

Also, some great news on the chart action side this week, with Paul Hardcastle at #1 on Billboard.... listen for my trumpet!  

My single 'Lock It Up' is at #15 on Billboard and moving up, and is getting heavy action and new adds on a plethora of stations....

On the Top 50 radar chart  I am at #5!!!!

I also found out I am on the Groove Jazz Top 100 chart for 2012 , with my first single from Kissed By The Sun, 'Starpixie' (at #89)......  (THANKS STATION MDs!)