Musicians and Fans: trouble at Big Radio

Musicians and Fans,

“Big Radio” is at it again. The deceptively named Local Radio Freedom Act, backed by the National Association of Broadcasters, has been introduced in Congress. Broadcasters want to continue playing music on AM/FM radio without paying musicians.
The bill falsely asserts that paying musicians for their work is a “tax” and opposes any potential legislation that would impose new performance royalties on broadcast radio stations for music airplay.
Urge your member of Congress to protect musicians from Big Radio by opposing the Local Radio Freedom Act.
Rejecting the principle that musicians should be paid fairly for our work and calling compensation to musicians a “tax” is outrageous. Yet this bill does just that. It argues that radio stations "provide free publicity and promotion to the recording industry and performers," and broadcasters should not be obliged to pay musicians or other artists new fees or charges.
Exposure doesn’t pay the rent—it never has and it never will. Tell your member of Congress to oppose legislation that harms the ability of musicians to earn a living and provide for our families.
No one makes more money from recorded music than broadcasters and yet they continue to pay nothing to the artists who bring music to life. This bill is just another attempt to protect Big Radio at the expense of musicians. It isn’t fair. Let your member of Congress know musicians do not support the Local Radio Freedom Act.
Musicians standing together have the power
In Unity,
Ray Hair
AFM International President

Gabriel Hasselbach