Mississippi Jump - On the Most Added List at Neilsen Charts, Week of May 14


Mississippi Jump is off and running!

Officially released April 26, after barely two weeks it has hit the Radio Waves as a Most Added track!

It features Miles Black on piano, Joel Fountain on drums, Laurence Mollerup on bass, Olaf deShield on guitar, and me on trumpet.

Have a listen HERE

I'm on a pretty good roll right now and finally getting some traction.

I have seven Billboard hits that open a few doors: https://www.billboard.com/music/gabriel-mark-hasselbach

The week before I had my Canadian album release show (SOLD OUT) at the Blue Frog Concert Stage, which was live streamed: 

The week before that I was at the New Orleans Jazz Fest where I did 3 cd release shows (including the New Orleans Jazz Museum), and played on the bill with other stars. http://gabrieljazz.posthaven.com/gabriel-in-new-orleans

Onward and upward!