Long Weekend Music Fun

Well, judging by the calendar AND the rain, we have have hit the denouement of the Summer. It ain't over yet, however... we have this one great weekend to look forward to, with a perfectly situated Labor Day! After that, if global warming plays us a good hand, we will have a stunning Indian Summer, as we have been known to have (back when it was politically correct to do so).

So, make this the weekend you meant to have all summer... hit the PNE (early), and in the evening come enjoy yourself with an evening of jazzy music, food, gambling, and take in the view....

Tonight (Friday) I am at the Hard Rock Casino (Coquitlam) in the Unlisted Lounge. I love this place! The food is good (my fav: the fish tacos). I start at 9:30 and go till 12:30, so come around 8 pm, drop $40 on the slots, and have some food and a cocktail while diggin' on the freshest and funkiest jazz around... I am there most Fridays, so check the schedule.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am at my longstanding haunt Ten Ten Tapas, where the musical guests come by in droves and we always have a real jammin' party. It is not sleepy there, the music cooks! The view is unmatched and the food even more unmatched (is that even a phrase?), and you make excellent friends there ALWAYS! They serve tapas style dishes (NOT Spanish tapas!) and are perfect, succulent portions with a nice price. Come and enjoy a meal and a cocktail for $20!

Sunday afternoon from 3 - 5 pm I am back at the Hard Rock in the event you want to win back that $40 from Friday  ;)

Come say hi!

I have a new album coming in October, and I try to keep the music pretty FONKY, but here is a little bonus, the one love song I have been working on... a little 'bedroom music' if you will...