Lock It Up CHARTBOUND with new adds and spins


Top 50 Radio Recap


MIKE LEVINE- Thinking of You (Downtime) - 147 spins/0 adds

JEFFREY OSBORNE- A Time for Love (Time Life) - 144 spins/3 adds

GIANNI VANCINI- Souls United (Progetti e Dintorni) - 142 spins/1 adds

GROOVE55- Voyage (123jam.com) - 141 spins/2 adds

GABRIEL MARK HASSELBACH- Kissed By the Sun (Wind Tunnel) - 137 spins/3 adds

ELAN TROTMAN- Tropicality (Woodward Avenue) - 137 spins/0 adds

-- ciao 4 niao

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach  ♬♩

KISSED BY THE SUN already reached #15 on the Billboard charts and #8 on the 
Smooth Jazz Album charts. Great reviews and moreFan and promoter comments. 

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