Hi Fi Christmas downloads from Gabriel

Happy Holidays Friends!

Bill Reiter from WAGRadio sent me a little note, which was pretty nice, and I am shocked and amazed! It said: 
 "Congrats on your played-every-Christmas song 'Christmas Time Here' You've achieved something that every recording artist wants - a Christmastime hit ! ! ! "

Well, my Christmas album 'Gabriel's Holiday Notes' sold out this year, but I am still getting some requests... so, just in case you are trying to find it for your hearthside, or if you need some last minute radio programming, here are my eight favorites for you... these are newly remastered hi-fi free downloads ...  pick and choose at will... 

These tracks feature great talents like Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Miles Black, Tony Chamberlist, Miles Foxx Hill, Luis Giraldo, Eric Vaughn, Jimm Taylor, and they made ME play trumpet, flugel and flute, and 'channel' Satchmo  ;-)

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! 

You can stream (double click) or download  (right click) 

Plus a little bonus, the new single from Kissed By The Sun  Lock It Up hitting radio Jan 22!