GabrielJazz May Update

~ I just returned from several performances during the New Orleans Jazz Fest (including the New Orleans Jazz Museum), where I did the US cd release for my brand new album MIDCENTURY MODERN which features local stars like Miles Black, Cory Weeds, Olaf deShield, Joel Fountain, Mike Taylor, Laurence Mollerup, and the iconic sax giant Ernie Watts.
~ May 11 will be my Canadian cd release show at Blue Frog Studios Concert Stage. It is a sold out show, but you’ll enjoy the Live Stream video shot in 4K and available right to your phone, tablet, laptop, or tv.

~ Nothing for me regarding Vancouver Jazz Fest gigs this year - the cobbler’s kids go without shoes... 

~ I have been asked to give an hour long interview on CBC Radio Hot Air show and to provide some tracks of my jazz influences, which will be aired next Saturday May 12 at 5 pm PT (88.1 FM) and online also at 5 pm at

~ On another note, save the date! I have a very fun ‘New Orleans Street Party’ performance scheduled for the Harmony Arts Festival August 4 from 5:45 –7:30pm as part of the Garden Stage Series at 15th & Argyle West Van. Hope you can make it!

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