Gabriel in Mexico at San Pancho Festival

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach performs a crowdpleasing and diverse set at the San Pancho Festival in Mexico, with DannyJu Lopez on drums, Miguel Rodriguez on keys, and Cameron Hood on bass. Many thanks to Chas Eller for making this possible!

Songs performed include: King James (from Kissed By the Sun and Radio Gold), Mulberry Street (from Cool Down and Radio Gold), Si Bonita (from From Hawaii with Love), Mississippi Jump (from MidCentury Modern Vol 1), Peace Song (from Told Ya So and Sweet and Sexy), Recife (from Cool Down), Comin' Home for Mardi Gras (from MidCentury Modern Vol 1). Available at all digital outlets and hard copies at Windtunnel Records and CD Baby. Enjoy all tracks at Spotify!

Lots of fun in the sun!