Evolver Nominated for Album of the Year

Evolver Nominated for Album of the Year

Nikki Baulisch - Marketing Coordinatorby Nikki Baulisch - Marketing Coordinator
February 9, 2011   |   11:00 am

Evolv Senior Executive Gabriel Hasselbach is a

 committed Evolver that says,“Evolv gets me through long days in the studio, extensive traveling, and gives me edge and focus on stage.”

We were happy to find out that his new smooth jazz cd release ‘Told Ya So‘ is currently on the US and Canadian charts and has been nominated for Album of the Year, and Gabriel himself for Wind Instrumentalist of the Year at the 2011 www.TheWaveAwards.ca where he’ll also be performing April 29 in Ontario, Canada.

This is Gabriel’s (lucky) 13th album, and although the industry praise is already high for ‘Told Ya So’, the award winners are determined largely by popular voting online only until Feb 18. You can support a fellow Evolver by submitting your votes for Gabriel’s two awards at here: https://elect.everyonecounts.com/app/15/22

Congratulations Gabriel and good luck!

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