Amazing collaboration by oud master and jazz musicians!

My very talented , long time friend Neil Haverstick sent me this video link. Neil is a world renowned micro-tonal string instrumentalist and he sent me a goodie! Check out Neil:

This video below is pretty cool and will be of interest to music lovers of all stripes... well, maybe not Beliebers....

Some well known jazz and world music musicians collaborate on a project by Joseph Tawadros, who is a an amazing oud player.

Not a lot of oud going on in the recording world, but there should definitely be more.  The oud is now represented in the new Downbeat critic's poll, so it is definitely a trending instrument.......

Joseph Tawadros, Bela Fleck, Richard Bona, Roy Ayers, Joey DeFrancesco,James Tawadros,Howard Johnson

New Album from Oud Virtuoso Joseph Tawadros - Chameleons of The White Shadow

Check out this roster of players!

Joseph Tawadros - Oud
Bela Fleck - Banjo
Richard Bona - Electric Bass
Joey DeFrancesco - Hammond Organ
James Tawadros - Req and Bendir
Roy Ayers - Vibraphone
Howard Johnson - Tuba
Jean-Louis Matinier - Accordion

An exciting new project from the hands of young Oud maestro Joseph Tawadros. Recorded at Avatar studios in New York over two days in February 2012, Chameleons of The White Shadow brings the best musicians in there field to take part in an eclectic recording which explores new musical territory through cross-cultural, and cross-genre collaboration and improvisation. 

"They are a grand tree, their thoughts
rooted deep in the ground, stable and
strong while their many branches submit
to growth, oblivious to direction, but
reaching for the stars."