Getting some amazing feedback!

Ok I am back! Happy Halloween.... Did a really fun costumed gig last night and tonight Sunday, hosted a Halloween Party for the neighborhood kids....

Told Ya So showed up on my recent radio rport with a number of new station adds... yay! Onward and upward...

This is cool... I recently had a surge of well being, and the feeling that 'it is all worth the effort' when I received an unsolicited email from someone I have never heard of... it is a bit self serving, but it is a little like getting a gold star in school, ya just want to show it off!

Mark Alderman from Wytheville, VA writes (unedited):



I’ve been playing trumpet over 45 years and followed many great players. I have heard them live and listened to their recordings;  Miles, Chet, Doc, Braun and Botti, to name a few.  You are in this same class!  I never say one trumpet player is better than another, because everyone is a unique individual, but there comes a time when a trumpet player reaches the pinnacle achieved by few and YOU ARE THERE!  I love your sound and your clean improvising.  I will be purchasing your CDs and certainly hope you will be coming to Virginia or North Carolina in the near future. Keep blow’in man.


With kind regards,


Mark Alderman



I want to thank you Mark, you made my day ... hope we meet in the near future!