Yet another blow to Musicians

Subject: Dancing With The Stars

AFM - American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Federation has now confirmed that after 17 hit seasons with Dancing With The Stars, one of the world's most popular TV programs, the DWTS Big Band has been fired.  ABC/Disney says the group, comprised of 28 talented musicians, singers, arrangers and copyists, will be replaced by pre-existing sound recordings and a "small electronic band” to "attract a younger viewer demographic.

We are in contact with ABC/Disney executives in an attempt to stop these unjustifiable and unwarranted actions. You can join with us to push back against this latest attack upon the livelihood and integrity of professional musicians. Please email Please let her know that you will encourage viewers everywhere to boycott the show, ABC-TV, and The Walt Disney Company if she follows through on her plan to fire the band.

We will provide further information as the situation develops. If you are reading this bulletin on Facebook or social media, please share it with your friends immediately.


Raymond M. Hair, Jr., International President
American Federation of Musicians
of the United States and Canada

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